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What If ? You Had To Be A "Twilight Saga" Character ?

Discussion question: If you HAD to live the life of a character from the "Twilight Saga." But you couldn't choose to be either Bella or Edward, which character's life would you choose to live ?

For example: If you choose Billy Black, you would be automatically transformed into Chief Black. You would be able to enjoy being a respected leader of your tribe at La Push. And you would have a fine son, named Jacob. But you would also have to carry the burdens of being wheel chair bound and because of your diabetes you, could anticipate living for only another 15 years.

You would experience the same joys in life that your character would.

But you would also carry the same scars.

You would have the same compulsions.

But you would be able to satiate all new appetites.

You could select the advantages and disadvantages of "living" an almost unlimited existence.

You could choose to have a new circle of friends:

And you could choose to live in an entirely different community:

Or to face a totally unknown future.

You could assume responsibilities all over the world.

Or choose to protect your family and your home town.

You could decide to participate in a brand new relationship.

Or elect to watch as old relationships faded away.

Question: So now : If you HAD to ! Who's "life" would you elect to exchange places with? And why did you choose that particular character? (Remember you can't choose Edward or Bella)

Doc B
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For me it is a toss up between Esme & Alice. I'm a mom myself so I could make a good Esme but I love Alice's personality she has such great style.
I so agree with EVERYTHING you said,or I would like to be Siobhan as she has the ability to ''will'' it otherwise...what great things I would love to ''will!!!!!!????''
Siobhan is a very interesting choice. It would be nice not to have to endure hardships if you could will the reults,
Thank you for sharring with us, Doc

Dear Summerlin,
That would be a hard decision: Two of my VERY favorite quotes are Esme "I already consider you as part of our family. And Alices "I am going to love her TOO, Edward!"
Thanks for sharing with us,

I would choose to be Alice. She is so carefree and spirited that i choose to be her. If I could live a life like that it would be so awesome, and Jasper wouldn't be such a bad person to be with
Dear Jennifer,
Alice does have such a joyous spirit. Stephanie said that one of the projects she has on her life time "to do list is to tell Alice's story. I can't wait to see what she was like before she lost her memory.
Thanks for sharing with us,

Dear Cynthia,
Loosing a child. I am so sorry. As you may know I am a doctor and my wife Honey's brother and wife were preparing for the birth of their first child two years ago. Their 9 month check up, showed that their baby was perfect. And then she just passed away, for no known reason, before she was born. It was heart breaking. You have to love how Esme accepted her loss and just opened her heart and arms to accept her new "Kids" Quote Edward "Sorry mom I won't do that again!" (after he returned from his suicide attempt)
Thank you for sharing with us,

Dear Nalisha,
That is a bold choice you made. Jane seems to have a problem, in not having many true loving friends to share with. But she certainly knows how to make an impression. Alice and Jasper are interesting too.
Thank you for sharing with us,

Dear Nalisha,
You make excellent points. And WE ALL have dark sides. If we didn't the human species could never have survived periods of danger. Thanks for sharing, Your friend, Doc

Truely I would choose Esme as it would not be a difference from what I am today! I have been a motherly figure for so long even before I had my own child! When I love I love with my whole heart fiercely! I accept easily, very understanding and love alteration, remodelling and create homes! I cant imagine being any one else!
Dear Vallene,
"Love with your whole heart" How wonderful. Two scenes I love in the movie "Twilight are: The loving way Esme looks at, her Edward's, Bella when he brings her home to meet his family (Bringing his girl home.. Isn't Stephanie Wonderful) And the scene where Esme puts her arm around Bella on the baseball field.
Thank you for sharing with us,


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