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Dear Renesmee,
Yes the Renesmee in the Saga, is just wonderful. Steph just has too share her story with us some day. Who would have thought that so much power and love could have shown up in the Saga in a seven pound package,
Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Dear Tara,
Tara "Renesmee" Doc "How very interesting"
Tara " I cannot imagine losing a child, and then living for eternity without him." Doc "That would be such a tragedy, Esme must have to bear that pain every day. Doc " I have always felt that part of her love for Bella (Eseme: "I already consider you part of our family") comes from her continued mother's love for her lost boy.

Tara ")She) has her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles." Doc "And how could she not be a wonderful loving woman. having been created from Bella and Edwards genes.
Tara"there's not a human on this planet who hasn't suffered heartache" Doc "How very true"

Doc: When I thought about how I would answer this question, I had an interesting dilemma. First I would prefer to have a normal life span. And to be able to share "maturing" with someone I love. But I really can't think of any of the humans in Forks that I would want to exchange places with. And Carlyle and I have so much in common. Especially our love of caring for out patients, and family. And the fact that he has a wonderful wife to share his life with is also key. So Carlyle is my choice.

As always thanks for sharing. If I had to guess I would have guessed that you would have chosen Eseme. For some reason Nesse never crossed my mind as a candidate for you. But you are right (as usual) Nesse would be perfect. Even if you would have to learn to accept Edward's love as a fathers love. And I bet he will make a great dad,


I would say Esme. Just because she seems to have the best attitude about being a vampire. While everybody else is kinda unhappy with it (excluding Alice since she doesn't really remember much anyway), she seems to be quite optimistic and just focuses on the good things in her life like Carlisle and the "kids".
I agree, i'd want to be either Alice or Esme.
Dear Erika, It's hard to beat either of those, those Two very special people,
Thank you for sharing with us,

Dear Jiang Mei,
JM "She seems to have the best attitude about being a vampire." Doc a very insightful observation. As Edward said "If Carlyle is our conscience ESEME is our Heart.
Thank you for sharing with us,

This is a really great discussion.
For me, well I always wanted to be Alice, not just because you could have what a great family and a great sister, but from an angle, she is actually quite unselfish, for an example when she 'abandoned' her family and went in search for Nahuel. Obviously, Nahuel is a blind spot for her, and she would have a hard time tracking him, plus he makes her have those unpleasant headaches, not that kind you could cure easily. Furthermore, what's with all the limited time, wouldn't it be stressful?? Under those circumstances, normal people would think for themselves first, why should I suffer through all these, I am not related to them, sure I do stayed with them for what it seems like a long time, (For a vampire it is short), but why should I ? Besides this is a risk they are taking and why should I get involve?...

But my point is, Alice didn't 'abandoned' them although she could just ditch them anytime, but instead she stayed, well not technically. She overcomed all her 'defects' and worked extra X3 hard to improve her vision, to find a solution to their problems, and in the end she did, thanks to her, BD could have a happy ending.

So Alice is ideal in many ways.
Happy go Lucky...
Accept Bella as who she is...
Funny too:)
Plus many more...
Dear Natshane,
N "This is a really great discussion. " Doc "Thank you very much. The kind compliments I get, really do mean a lot. I am always amazed by how much I learn about the Saga by sharing in the discussions with the members.
N "Went in search for Nahuel." Doc "What an excellent point. When we think about Alice we tend to think about a joyful girl dancing through life. But we over look the loving and sacraficial aspects of Alice's personality. When Bella apears out of nowhere Alice gladly accepts both the joy and responsibility of becoming Bella's big Sister.
"Yes I am willing to do it." (To turn Bella into a vampire Alice says) "I am going to love her too." Quote by Bella "Thank you for making my wedding perfect..You are the best sister EVER!" Doc" Alice really is very special.
N " Rosalie Quote: "Why should we put ourselves at risk for her ! (The human Bella) Alice and Jasper could have just walked away as all powerful Volturi came to destroy the Cullen coven. But Alice came back. She knew that there was always the outside chance that the Cullens might win. But she also knew that for all intensive purposes she was walking with her beloved Jasper to their deaths. Just as she knew she would provably never survive going to Volturia to try and save Edward.
Thank you Natshe for your excellent post. And for helping us to take a closer look at Alice. Fan polls show that after Bella and Edward, Alice is the most loved "Twilight" character. And what Bella said to Jessica, about Edward is just as true about Alice as well "He/She is just as beautiful BEHIND his/her face!!"
Thank you for sharing with us,Doc

Alice is really a role model to me, and I couldn't agree more that aside from Bella and Edward, people wanted to be like Alice, for what reason I am not too sure, but certainly, this is why I wanted to be her, at least personality wise)...:)
Dear Kelli,
Good point. Thank you for sharing,

I would be Leah Clearwater, especially if I could take my knowledge that I have now with me into my "new" life. I believe Leah is brave, tough, and smart. I admire her a great deal, especially how she decides to leave her pack and join Jacob and make a life for herself that isn't defined by her grief.

I understand Leah in a lot of ways. I've lost someone I thought was my one true love. I've lost a parent. And I, too, am a genetic dead end in that I am unable to have children.
That last was perhaps the toughest blow for me because I had been responsible for raising my brothers and sisters after my mother died and had always looked forward to having kids of my own. I found out there was little likelihood when I was 19, about the age Leah is, and then when I was 26 I was told the "small chance" I thought I might have was actually "zero chance". It made me sad and angry and I felt lost, like I wasn't a "real" woman. So, when I read Leah's story I was heartbroken on her behalf, but I wanted to hug her and tell her that there are other things that are important, too, and having children or not shouldn't define you as a woman. I went through a long period in my own life trying to figure out what my purpose was because all of my friends and family grew up, got married, and are now consumed with their families and children. For me, it was just like Leah--no chance of that.
A lot of time has passed and you know what? I figured out that I don't have to have children to be a strong, intelligent, loving woman. In fact, in some ways it has been a blessing. My first marriage ended in divorce and there were thankfully no children to suffer through that with us. And I have been able to direct my time toward going back to school, something I'd always wanted to do, (which I started to do at the age of 27 when I completed my GED and now, at 38, I have just finished my MFA in writing). I couldn't have focused so much of my time and attention on school if I had children because I would have felt guilty about taking the time away from them.
So, I would be Leah because I would like to be her age and know what I know now and not waste so much time feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out what I would do with my life. Plus, there are other ways she can contribute to the strength of her tribe--using her brain, for one, and her extraordinary speed when she's in wolf form. Also, how cool is it that Leah is faster than all the boys? Girl power! Go Leah!
And I've always been fascinated by the Native American culture and heritage, the legends and the ancient knowledge they have, and the sense of belonging to something larger than just yourself or even your family. I would love to experience that sense of identity, feel like I was rooted in something deeper than just the day to day.
Plus, Leah in wolf form has the ability to kill vampires. And someday, I'd really like to try to sink my teeth into that nasty Jane.
The only downside I can see is taking orders from Jacob. Ugh! But as long as he's not still fantasizing about sex with Bella, I guess I could handle sharing thoughts with him. So all in all, not an unbearable life. Plus, I don't think Jacob would ever order me to do something I didn't want to do if he knew it really went against my feelings or beliefs.
And eventually Leah will move away or learn to control her need to phase and will choose not to do it anymore. Perhaps she won't always be a shapeshifter. But as long as she is, I'd really enjoy seeing the world through her eyes.


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