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i agree fully!!!!!
Dear ShannonP, "I would be Leah Clearwater" D " How very interesting. She is such a special character."

S "Especially if I could take my knowledge that I have now with me into my "new" life" Doc "Great point. One of Leahs proplems is that she has to face some verry big challenges with out the gifts than you can only learn through maturing."To live is to suffer."
S " I've lost someone I thought was my one true love. I've lost a parent. And I, too, am a genetic dead end in that I am unable to have children." Doc: Wow what a cross to bear." Though the old hymn "Put me through the furnace so that I may be stronger." may be verry true. GOING through out tests in life can be so painful at the time. And often the pain linger forever. One of the things I ADORE about the Roses is that their affection and loyality to each other allows us to share personal experiences that never could in a less carring and mature environment.
S 'I was heartbroken on her behalf" Doc heart broken on her behalf. How beautiful. Real sympathy comes from actualy sharring the pain of someones elces loss. Stephanies genious allows her to share so many of life's joys and pains.
S "Having children or not shouldn't define you as a woman.Doc "When a friend told his young wife if she could still love a man who had been "de-masculinated" from a war wound" Her response was "ONLY UNTIL DEATH DO US PART"
S " Just finished my MFA in writing" Doc "Wow, wow, wow! What a wonderful story."
S "Leah is faster than all the boys" Doc "That is cool.PS concerning Girls I have always felt that the Volurie were "out manned" the moment Nesse was born.
S "Nasty Jane" Doc "She really is the original Bad Seed, isn't she..
S "I'd really enjoy seeing the world through her eyes." Doc great point. One of my favorite quotes is by mother teressa when the man told her "I couldn't do what you do for all of the money in the world" And her repy was "I couldn't bring myself to do it "for all of the money in the world" either I do it out of love."

Shannon, What a wonderful wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharring your story with us.As my brother, the psychiatrist, use to say. "If people could have the courage to share their innerselfs (WITH PEOPLE THEY CAN TRUST) they would have no need of many of my talents.

Your friend,

Esme or Bella... As long as my Michael is Edward or Carlisle... I would be happy with any of them....
Dear Ms T Lee,
Excellent point. Thanks for sharing with us,

We all will die does not deserve any person life.

I choose Carlisle to feel the compassion he has for live of both human and immortals alike. The way he also loves his family and he demostrates that's theirs nothing he wouldn't do to help and save them from anything or anyone. Also the love between Esme and him is wonderfull, to look at someone the same way you did the first time for decades even centuries.
Dear Manuel,
What a wondeful thought. To look at the same person with love for generations would be a special joy,
Thanks for sharing with us, Doc

If I had to choose I'd choose Leah Clearwater. My life is pretty much like her's. I mean I'm not a werewolf but I am different from the rest of my family in a certain way. I'm the black sheep, the I really relate to her. We share the same strengths and weaknesses and our family troubles are pretty similar. So I'd choose her life because its a little bit more difficult to live with and I want to live through the challenge of having to be strong for your family, having to deal with a mutation that no other girl has to. It's an experience that would make me stronger, and I consider that to be benificial. Something I can learn from, so that my "curse" can be my gift, and my weaknesses can be my strengths. To be independent and dependent, to trust and be trusted. To live as one for all, like the pack does. That seems like a really good situation to be in, your loved and protected and you, your self can be vulnerable and rely on your family to help you through. She thinks it's terrible but i say she's got a pretty good thing going for her.
Dear Scarlett,
Scarlett "I am different from the rest of my family in a certain way." Doc "As my German Professor use to say "If you feel different V-e-l-c-o-m-e to the club."
Scarlett "Can be my gift, and my weaknesses can be my strengths. To be independent and dependent, to trust and be trusted. To live as one for all, Doc "That sounds like a wonderful ambition. I am always amazed that it is often the child who had to wear braces who becomes the fastest runner. Or the cleft lip baby who becomes the movie star.
Scarlett the dozens of us who have come to get a peek at you have learned that you are very special.
Thank you for sharing with us,

If I had to choose i would pick to be Renesmee. Because I am young at heart but also very mature. It would also be so hard for me to pick between both the vampires and wolves where she gets the best of both worlds because her family is both vampires and wolves. The ones she looks up to the most her parents which are vampires and the one she will love the most which is a wolf. She can also have interaction with human.
Both vampire and wolf very interesting.
Thank you foe sharing with us, Doc


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