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Dear Okita, Great points. Vampires do have great memories. I'll bet when he saw her at 16 he provably thought. Wow what a great young woman. But being the gentleman he was,he would never have gone any further. I have often wondered if Carlisle told Edward that he was proud of him when Edward told him that he had thought '"No not HER!! and saved Bella. If Carlisle didn't mentally say the exact same thing as he watched sweet Esme dying. Doc
The photo below is of Esme's portfolio shots fyi; Just so you'll know her as Carlisle did. from ages 16 to 30.

I thought long and hard on this, trying to think only on character personality and lifestyle, and not the ones I like.

However they seem to be one in the same anyway. I would want to be Jasper.


Because he can be affected by the emotions around him and can also affect them. Granted it has its downs sides and my bloodlust would also be the worst of the whole family. Even so I find that in real life I'm more of his personality, I'm sensitive to the things around me and tend to keep to myself. I'm also a very deep thinker, sometimes maybe to much as you'll find my answers to these questions are long and tend to get indepth at times. also the relationship between him and alice is so very pure and strong. they connect even better then Edward and Bella.

So there you have it. I want to be jasper

Dear Emily,
You though "long and hard." I'll bet this is going to be good. (No kidding at all )
Jasper, How interesting! (He is a great guy) It would be nice to be able to alter the moods of others. Think how many times you could help relieve the pain and anxiety that people go through. Good Choice. Well done. PS which of the Cullens would you least like to be? (Mine would be Rosalie) Doc.

In a wierd way I would choose to be Rosalie. Even though she wishes she were still human, I can't help but think she enjoys being a vampire as well. I would choose to be her because she's beautiful and she as well as everyone else knows it and well I have a hard time saying that about myself. SO it would be a great confidence booster.
Dear Okita,
Rosalie certainly is breath takingly-beautiful. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to combine Rosalie's beautiful figure with your beautiful spirit. Now that realy would be the tops, Thx Doc

Alice, because she is carefree and graceful I wonder what that's like. I'd definitely want to be a vampire because immortality and strength appeal to me as a disabled person. :)

Dear Rain, Isn't Alice wonderful she both figuratvely and literaly dances through life. One of the wonderful things about novels is that we can go places we physicaly never could. Robert Lewis Stevenson has taken millions of people to "Treasure Island" and he did it all from a hospital bed,

Thanks! It would be wonderful to dance through life. But I know what you mean about the power of novels to transport, especially since I'm a writer. Hopefully someday I can transport people too. :)


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