The Twilight Saga

I have just bought the soundtrack and was wondering if anyone had a particular favourite song(s). I especially like Spotlight by Mutemath and Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine - this one I really like, it nearly has me in tears every time, so much emotion in the song. Has anyone heard Let me sign by Rob Pattinson, this is only short but it seriously ties my stomach in knots. Do you think Rob is a good singer?

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I especially like Decode and Flightless Bird, American Mouth...
Gotta go with the group Supermassive black hole! My daughter and I play it in the car and sing as loud as we can - it makes you want to dance! I also really like Full Moon and Never Think
Super Massive Black Hole gets my vote too. Love love love that sound!

It's just so... loud.
Eyes on Fire and Full Moon. There is something sensual about eyes on fire...

and Yes, Rob is a very good singer... my love for him grew tremendously when he cited Van Morrison as his favorite artist and Beside You as his fave song... his iTunes playlist is full of blues... and some southern rock. my kind of guy. I'm from the southern US.

I bought the soundtrack for 15 Steps... but then I used the fact that it wasn't on there to just by In Rainbows! good stuff.
hihi my fav is eyes on fire too
If I had to pick, mine would be Supermassive Black Hole and Full Moon. But I have listened to the soundtrack so much, all of them are my faves. I have also worn out the score too...Who are They, Phascination Phase, I Dreamt of Edward...just to name a few
Supermassive Black Hole! Why? Baseball scene!!! My favorite scene in the movie :-)
My favorite on the CD is "I Caught Myself" by Paramore, followed closely by "Spotlight" and "Supermassive".

I think Rob has a decent voice, but I didn't really care for those particular songs he sang.
Like all of you, my favorite is Supermassive Black Hole. It's just got a really good beat and I really like the singer's voice. I have to get around to checking out that band. I also like Decode, but I am also wearing thin on that song because its on the radio 24/7. Full Moon is pretty good and I love Linkin Park so that is a given. Let's just say I like most of the soundtrack. Is there a special edition one? Because I only see the one where Rob Pattinson sings Never Think. Or did you guys cheat and download it like I did? I'm just curious because I want to buy it, but if there is a special one that has all the songs I downloaded then I would rather buy that one.
yes i cheated and downloaded let me sign, but i think it maybe on the score
It's a toss-up between "Full Moon" (both music and lyrics) and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth." (music only). Love the melody to that one, but the lyrics make absolutely no sense to me.
yes i know what you mean, 'american mouth', whats that all about


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