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Hey everyone. If you could be a werewolf, what kind would you be?
I would be a grey werewolf that is medium-sized and is very friendly.
What kind of werewolf would YOU BE?

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Aww, cool! :D
i would be a small ,kind, blackish whiteish wolf with hazle eyes.
I would be a snow white color or a silver color werewolf that was medium size, friendly and super playful
Very Nice!
I would be a black werewolf with blue eyes. I would be a werewolf with an attitude and urge to hunt. i would be on the good side though.I would help protect the land from enemies. I would be medium sized and somewhat fuzzy in some areas. I would also have a few silver markings. the color of my eyes would be a sky blue. mixed with a medium dark blue.
Awww, cool!!! :) :)
I Would Be A White & Brown Wolf... With Brown Eyes... Sharp Teeth...

I like more man-like form & type of Strenght!
I don't care wat color it be, I just want to win on Vampire!
Intelligence & agility type r not strength enough to fight Vampire!
ha ha :D
i agree with the werewolf being in a more human shape instead of being a big wolf running around on all fours
Wow! Cool!


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