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i never thought i would cry for a book but i felt that im loving all characters like they're part of my real world . :))

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yeah me too!!!! i got teardrops on my book! lol
i cried when Wanda finally saw Jared , and he slapped her across the face
Question is, 'When did I NOT cry in the book?' I think my book is all disheveled right now. Good thing I have the audiobook version.
I thought it was when Wanderer either told Ian (well he just walked in) that she was leaving the planet, or when she was actually dieing. =(
I cried when jamie almost died...and I cried when Wanda and Jared got stopped on the side of the road by the cops and they thought they were going to die...and I cried when Walter died...and I cried like the last chapters after she decided to go away!!! I've read the book 3 times and I cried just as hard the third time as I did the first!!! I love this book!!!
i cried torwards the almost ending
when i thought tht wanda was
actually gonna be gone forever, tht was so sad!!
and when ian got super sad tht wanda was leaving him!
most of the time I was crying but mostly when wanda ask jared how the cave look like when it's raining ,,, it was the most hardest moment to me that I let the book to cry for almost half an hour :(
oh yeah definitely that part...but if I were wanda I wouldn't have let jared kiss me
the scene towards the end when ian finds out wanda plans to give melanie back...omi that had me balling, flat out crying, like tears running down my face status and then when he says "I held you in my hands wanderer and you were so beautiful" my god that was awesome and then when he says how he loves HER not melanie's god I love Ian...hands down Ian is way better then Edward...just how he considers Wanda and how she would react to situations...god he's such an intellectual and he's not afraid to embrace the unkown...god I love Ian
Its werid but I creid a little at a lot of places. The weirdest would be crying out of anxiety and fear when Kyle attacked Wanda
Im very teary-eyed when Ian told Wanda that she was beautiful when he held the Seeker's silvery centipede-looking body; also when Wanda was declaring Ian as her 'partner' while she was saying goodbye... sooooo sad!
when wanda was ''dying'' and how she was sayng that death wasnt black like she thought it was it was blue (but i think they were putting her in to H.tank at that part....still cried like a baby though)


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