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Like, you know Twilight has like Team Edward and all of them, well, The Host should have them too. So here is where you tell people what team you are! By the way, I'm Team Ian. He's so sweet, and funny!


EDIT: I find it hilarious how popular this discussion has become. It's like, because I am a very strange person, basically all the stuff on that 'Latest Activatey' thingy is of comments from you lovely people on this discussion.

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Team Ian
Totally Team Ian!!!!!
I'm totally team Wanda and between Jared and Ian, I am team Ian
JARED can be and is all those thing....he has a lot to deal with and the love of his life was taken over!!! i mean i love wanda and all she is totally great but how would u feel (or act) if the love of ur life was taken away from u like that???
im probably team ian and wanda. but what i dont understand is, why does everyone love ian more than jared? i thought everyone would love him..dont get me wrong..ian is great, but i was seriously surprised..
I'm in same teams too, and u r right I dn't know why they love more Ian than Jared I thouhgt Jared was more important and maybe he was at the biggining becuase he was the reason Mel didn't want to dessapear but when the story is running Ian become nicer becuase fell in love with Wanda and not Melanie
Maybe because Ian's way was harder? Wanda felt Melanie's feelings and because of them she loved Jared. Ian fell in love with Wanda and he hadn't easy task. Ian wanted Wanda, no matter the body she was in. Jared was totally Melanie's and he only wanted her back.
I like Ian 'cause he's different. He was the one who first (after Jeb of course ;o)) noticed that Wanda is also a person and it was him who said: Just because she isn't human, do you think that means she doesn't feel pain? That she doesn't feel just like a girl who's been beaten - beaten by us? (chap. 19, Abandoned, p.184)
After those words it was impossible for me to not like Ian.

Sorry for my English.
In my opinion I like Ian because he can see from more than just the human perspective. He is compassionate and loving and his hate for the creatures that took over the world did not blind him from seeing truth. I thought Jared was awesome too but he had to handle things differently because his situation was so different from Ian's. I don't think it is fair to compare the two because they are so different in their reasons for their actions...
I'm actually not sure. I mean, I absolutely LOVED Ian and how he knew exactly what Wanda thought and how she felt. But there was something about Jared that I liked too, like how much he loved Mel. The only thing I know, is that Ian and Wanda are meant to be together, and Mel and Jared are meant to be together.
i think i'm team Ian. he's just so heartwarming. but i do like how pasionate Jared is, except for the middle when i thought that he was a total jerk. he redeemed himself in the chapter "Forced" and then at the part when he took wanda to save Jamie. but Ian was good all the way through.
oh yes baby...forced was a defo. fav!!!! (a woof woof!!!) i love jared!!! actually i love both!!!


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