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Like, you know Twilight has like Team Edward and all of them, well, The Host should have them too. So here is where you tell people what team you are! By the way, I'm Team Ian. He's so sweet, and funny!


EDIT: I find it hilarious how popular this discussion has become. It's like, because I am a very strange person, basically all the stuff on that 'Latest Activatey' thingy is of comments from you lovely people on this discussion.

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maybe you could say you are Team Jarian ? Jar for Jared and ian for Ian. ;)
I completely agree with you. I thought I responded to this discussion, but apparently I didn't. What I said was... Wanda is so in love with Jared because of Melanie's feelings that they eventually become her own.. so it's really hard to choose. Even though, I know that Ian is perfect for her. But when she wakes up in the ending.. you can still tell her longing for Jared and I almost wished Mel and Wanda stayed in the same body and loved Jared equally. And I'm SOO mad that she wouldn't let Jared finish what he was saying when she was about to give her body up. I don't think he was lying.. that was def confirmed when she said she saw Jared looking at her in that weird confusing way in the end when she was just Wanda. Ugh SO TORN! I love both of the characters...
TEAM IAN !!!!!!!!!!
i love him so much! he's so romantic and really care about wanda! ...i want a boyfriend just like him!
but i think i should lower my expectation..theres no one like ian xD ♥_ ♥
Team Jared all the way. Don't kill me but Ian get on my nerves sometimes. I don't hate him but i don't like him either. I love Kyle better than him actualy. So Jared in first place and Kyle in second place.
TEAM IAN O'SHEA!!! Because Edward is dead, Jacob is a dog, and Jarad is mean. I don't have anything against twilight I just think saying that is funny. oh yeah,

you know he loves you when he brings you cheetos.
Ur rite thats so funny but true! I love ian o,shea
Totalyyyyyyy team IAN ..
Team Ian for sure!
love you............totally TEAM IAN !!!!!!!!! he rocks..hes such a sweet heart !! he;s the best part of the host it d ve been boring widout him !!!!!!!!!!!!
Team Ian (L)
but Jared is ok too, nothing like Ian of course! ;)
I am team Ian he is so amazing. He sees past the body and really sees wanda for who she is! GO TEAM IAN!
TEAM IAN RULES!!!!!! he's the best that's all I'm saying... Also Jaime is so sweet and able to accept Wanda even though she was wearing Mel's body.


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