The Twilight Saga

Like, you know Twilight has like Team Edward and all of them, well, The Host should have them too. So here is where you tell people what team you are! By the way, I'm Team Ian. He's so sweet, and funny!


EDIT: I find it hilarious how popular this discussion has become. It's like, because I am a very strange person, basically all the stuff on that 'Latest Activatey' thingy is of comments from you lovely people on this discussion.

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I am totally Team Ian. He is rly cute and sooooo in love with Wanda!!!
team ian! woohoo
team ian!!!! he and jacob are soo sweet!! <3 jacob is nice too bella even when she doesnt deserve it [which is most of the time in my opinion, because how could you chose edward over jacob?!] and wanda is so lost and ian helps her belong<3, lovee himmm!
Team Ian!
team ian o'shea all the way to the furthest part of space
Im Team Jamie and Wanda *cheer*
what? ur not team ian!? plz say that u at least like the character!
oooo i luv Ian too, except i wanna b fair cuz i lyk Jared just as much XD
i suck at choosing my favorite X3
o i c!
I am so torn! I am kind of rooting for Jared.. but I know Ian is perfect for Wanda!
LOL thats tru ^-^
team Jared all the way

and Melanie


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