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I choose team twilight xD

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I don't really have a solid answer on my "team".  Jacob is my favorite character and so that naturally leads me towards "Team Jacob" however I have no problem with Edward and Bella being together and honestly I think I would be a little upset if Bella had chosen Jacob.  The Twilight books were ALWAYS about a human/vampire relationship and so if Bella and Edward had not ended up together then I think it would have ruined the story.  I like Jacob/Bella together better and I think that they are a more healthy couple, but if your "team" is determined on who you want Bella to be with... then I would be Team Edward because I do believe Edward/Bella is how the story should be. 

yur absoluby right ( I prob spelled wrong lol)

yep, you're absolutely right, but I was able to still understand it.  I read typos well. :) 

omg, team Eleazar Denali!!!!
ever since I had this amazing dream about him I have loved him so much!!!!!


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