The Twilight Saga

My favourite scene was the meadow scene, i always start crying whenever i watch that! :(

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I like the part where Bella and Edward see and settle into the new little house that the family has designed and built for them.

The house was so much like as the book description, in fact, even better because in the movie Renesmee's room is furnished and decorated. It was enjoyable/funny to see Bella's and Edward's closet that Alice had stocked. 

That was a good one too though I aint read breaking dawn yet but I've read the others.

OMG did you read it yet..the book is fantastic! so much background your missing...!

I've started reading Breaking Dawn. It's sooo good!!!


Yes me too..I still cry everytime I see it ...also when Bella went into the woods and said her time as a human was over but that she never felt more alive...she was born to be a vampire!

i like the battle scene hands down the whole movie was epic but thats my favoritre scene

Yes the suspense was killing me!!! 


The scenes with the Denali's :)

My favorite scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn is when Bella yells at Jacob and say's "You nicknamed my daughter after the lockness monster"

I was just thinking about that scene last night, Traci! I also loved that Bella manhandled Jacob in that scene and that he allowed it realizing he was really challenging her as a parent when he exposed the information that he had imprinted on Renesmee.

wouldn't you have done the same if you were Bella,I know I would. Any body would

I would have done the same as Jacob is and has not been very tactful as we have come to realise from previous books. I love Bella (and Kristen) and would have acted the same way.


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