The Twilight Saga

My favourite scene was the meadow scene, i always start crying whenever i watch that! :(

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Who knows right? Jane could have been the sweetest girl before the change. Unlikely though....

I like Felix and Demetri so definitely more about them.


Yeah, sweet and Jane don't mix well!!! :) 


I love villains that you love to hate. If you have ever watched the TV show Once Upon a Time than you will understand.

No, I have never watched that. Is it American???

Twilight2402  If you want to watch it from the beginning in any country then check out this website to free links ( ). Use Google Chrome browser and Ad Block Plus and it's the only way to go.

It is made by ABC/Disney. Great show. Imagine if Twilight came out as a TV series instead of movies. We could have had soooooo much Twilight again and again! 



I am perplexed by mixed villains--although I get that we all are good and not-so-good, combined. A good example is the character Captain Renard on 'Grimm'. The  actor that plays Nick's (the Grimm's) boss, Captain Renard-the Police Chief, has both worked with Nick and against him. In a recent episode Captain Renard spoke of Nick as 'his Grimm' to his would-be followers, exposing that he feels he has Nick in his court. Renard hopes this will enhance his power--after arranging for his own half-brother's death. (On his behalf, the brother had been trying from a distance to dispose of both Nick and Captain Renard.) I love that Nick is purely good and that the 'wesen' he's born to control are realizing Nick's a live-and-let-live guy--unless, of course, they are into hurting or killing other wesen and/or humans.

I heard Grimm was good. Now I guess I will have to watch it!

It has some basis in Grimm Fairy Tales but also uses fairy tale figures from all over the world and some fictitious ones as well. I just like that there is several characters in it that are all about peace and live-and-let-live, yet in the most recent episode Nick (the Grimm's) girlfriend allows her protective instincts out with some hilarious results. It shares the feature with Once Upon A Time that fairy tale figures may be ongoing forces of nature.

my favorite part was the first hunt bella look amazing and girl power i'm always down for showing a man we can do it better...also the battle scene the look on janes face when alice was coming for her is priceless

Yep, love that part too and everytime she (Jane) realises that Bella is using her shield to protect others, she couldn't get more annoyed =D



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