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What would Edward give Bella for Valentines Day?

Hi all Twilighters,

Its Valentines Day in The UK tomorrow 14th Feb.

I wonder what surprise or gift Edward would give Bella? Knowing the deep love he has for her I'm sure it would be something extra special.

Vampire or not, Edward is a true romantic for his Bella and I'm sure wouldn't want to miss lavishing his love on her that day with a special gift.

What do you think his gift to her would be?

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he'd write her a new inspired by their entire family...him, her, and of course renesmee

yes, definitely.

I agree that he would write her a new song.

Hi Asia,

Yes that does sound just like something Edward would do :)


A necklace with a love heart on it

Very nice, and no doubt it would be a very exspensive one knowing Edward :)

visit to isle esme

Yep. I agree. He would take Bella there again.


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