The Twilight Saga

what would happen if nessie and jacob do it? would nessie have a half vamp, half wolf kid? give me your theories

i think she would have a very twisty kid

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thats what i'm thinking :)
i think that if jake and nessie were to do it nessie would end up having a fourth vamp, half wolf, fourth human kid
technically, she's 1/2 vamp. so her child would b 1/4 vamp and 3/4 wolf
Ooo i never thought about that,( nessie is 1/2 vamp! )
actually 1/4 wolf, 1/4 vamp, half human
? how is it 1/4 wolf?
Nessie would have to be older, and then she wouldn't be able to reproduce, so it wouldn't be a prob
oh yeah of course, i really didn't mean when she was young, i meant when she gets older, jacob and her... yeah
her baby would be half vamp, half human, and half wolf
how can it be half half and half?! thats one and a half?!
that's weird though, cause like vampires and werewolves are like repulsed by each others scents, so it'd be weird!
yeah thats true X)


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