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Whats the clumsiest thing u have ever done? omg im the clumsiest person ever i have tripped over nothing and then got up and flipped over a table! and then i tripped one more time it sucked!!!! ;) and ive done a lot more! ;) lol

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I've tripped over practically everything (including air and my own feet). I also have a tendency to drop things. The worst part is that I bruise really easily so it really shows when I do something clumsy lol. :D
OMG u think thats clumsy. I have tripped and literaly rolled down stairs at my cousins house, then when i stopped rolling i tripped and fell into a door, a glass one too!!! i was nearly covered in bruises. i have done so much clumsy stuff and today i tripped over nothing(again) and ended up falling into the corner of my bed!! it hurt so bad(and still does a little)
i was running in my yard then i tripped over this pipe that sticks up out of the ground and now i have a scar on my leg that is like reallllly big.
i was jumping on my bed and i bounced of and hit my head on the bed frame part of mi eyebrow doesn't grow hair anymore!!!
I was in a dance recital and I went to turn but I tripped on a rough patch on the floor and fell in the middle of the stage in front of everyone, it was humilliating and when I got up I tripped again but didn't fall. I know clumsy.
i ran into this HUGE metal door and it hurt so bad and left like a bruise and bump on my forehead 4 like 3 days it was horrible
then on my birthday i was sittin on a picnic table and tried 2 get up and fell on my butt at a party and every1 laughed so hard
then it was a little dark and i was walking and i ran right into our screen door and broke it lol
then i ran into our glass door
then i was running in soccer and fell over notin
then i fell down our stairs like 7 times
then walkin down my friends stairs and all the time i always fall down on my butt at like the last few steps
i was ridin my bike and ran into a bush but i do that a lot
butt yeah im not tryin 2 brag i rly am sooooo clumsy ask any1 i know but that would b weird so never mind lol
Haha these are funny well i went to the movies yesterday and the mall and i tripped like 7 times and i slipped in front of everyone i was so embarrased and the bad thing is nobody tripped me and i tripped over nothing!!!! ;)
Haha these are funny well i went to the movies yesterday and i tripped like 7 times i was so embarrassed and the bad thing is i tripped over nothing! ;)
in 7th grade i was minding my business, getting off the bus, and walking into school. it was winter so i guess the bottom of my shoes were slippery (or it was just my clumsiness) and i walked off of the carpet to catch up with my friend, and my legs flew out from under me, and i landed on my side, and it really hurt! everyone was laughing, so i tried to stand up quickly so i could run away, and i fell again! everyone was looking at me and laughing, and i was practically crying! it was the most embarassing and painful moment of my life!
OW! i've done somthing like that though my legs went up and i landed on my head and back! god it hurt!
ouch! one is so honestly.............seriously........once i went to da pools with muh family..........then i was buzzy dat time............alot of people was there of course.............anywho..........i was jogging and slipped fell and hit muh head on concrete......i was so embrarrssed............everyone was watching me.................i couldn't believe it..........da next day.......i got a head ache..........could ur family moment het any worse?


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