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Whats the clumsiest thing u have ever done? omg im the clumsiest person ever i have tripped over nothing and then got up and flipped over a table! and then i tripped one more time it sucked!!!! ;) and ive done a lot more! ;) lol

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Ok i have one once i was at school and it was the end of the day and i hadnt noticed anyways i was walking out of the school in front of some of my guy friends and one of them said something stupid but i didnt really get it till i got home and when i got home i noticed that i had started my period at school :(
Ahh owch and i usually start at school so ahh but that time was bad! well i got another one it was my b-day and me and my friends where playin marco polo with my sis,and we where building a deck around our pool and so there was a board so we could get in the pool and my friend was on one side and i was on the other well she got off and i fell through the deck and two boards crashed in between my arm and i twisted my wrist on my birth day :(
i triped over my pant leg..............
i was wearing sweats
idk how i did it!
i've triped over air,
got back up
and ran into a bar.
oh and! i was going 2 my freinds cousins basment and i slipped at the 1st stair lets just say i went down 20 stairs the hard way! ouch!
Yeah one time i was at one of my friends housees and this was like in 1st grade and she had a night light in her room and i was sitting by it and i leaned a little to close and i burned my arm on a night light ugh how does someone even do that yeah and i still have the scar
i'm just going to say my #1 cuz if i list them allit waill take years.
my #1 clumsiest moment was
at my friends house when i triped over my feet,hit my head and my arm on some glass posters,luckly no glasswent into the cut on my arm.nothing happened to my head it just hurt.
Yeah i cant even count how many times ive gotten hurt. ugh i have scars everywhere
Oh and this is just todays incidents this morning i tripped over nothing and fell and hit my arm on the sharp edge of the coffee table. and when i was outside swimming i was going in and i got caught in a string and fell off the deck i caught myself though and i tripped a few times ugh such a klutz.
owch that must uv hurr.
once i was on the bus, and i was holding my saxaphone, and suddenly the bus makes a really sharp stop, and my sax goes flying out of my hand and hits this woman WITH A BABY IN HER ARMS.
i apologized so many times- but she wasnt listenin to me- i noe she was swearing at me in her language...

that was really dumb.....and scary- i thought she was gonna sue me D:
Haha wow if she was cussing u i would have gave her the finger and walked off.
It wasnt your fault she got hit
the clumsiest thing......hmmm lets see the top one i would have to say was this. I was at work and i tripped over the mat by the cash register to save myself i tried to put my other foot down on the mat so it wouldn't raise up in this process i then tripped over y pants leg and brought the scanner with me....very embarassing


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