The Twilight Saga

I'm assuming everyone ready this is team jacob...?

well i was just wondering when did you start to be team jacob?
in moon...eclipse..or maybe even breaking dawn.

jacob isn't really in twilight that much so did you start in new moon?

my opinion:
I am team jacob in new moon...and then i go back and forth between edward and jacob. i like jacob as her friend. i think he is an awesome friend (most of the time) and i like edward as her bf/husband.

whats your opinion?

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Team Jacob in Twilight. There was something about him that appealed to me more than Edward. I'm not Team Jacob for the ship of Jacob and Bella I'm Team Jacob because he is my favorite character in the series. I like Edward's character and appreciate his struggle but Edward is too controling in Twilight for my taste. I think the clencher for me was when Jake danced with Bella at the prom. Then New Moon just sealed it for me. Also in New Moon I think that reading about Jake's feelings combined with his actions gave me what I was missing from Edward's character. Edward was mostly action with very little revealing of his feelings/thoughts. Yes Edward does reveal his feelings when he answers Bella in conversations but that wasn't enough for me. It felt a little like when someone says one thing then does the opposite at times.
So even though its Bella and Edward's love story Jake just overshown both of them for me. So Team Jacob all the way!
I liked Jacob from the first time he appeared in the books just because of his sunny disposition. He only really becomes a jerk after he develops feelings for Bella combined with becoming a wolf. Liked him even more after I found out Taylor was playing him because I've met Taylor and he was always a sweetheart.


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