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When I'm Gone




I stood in the rain. Staring at the house. Tears spilled down my eyes. I could hear them. The cries and pain that erupted from my mother. My fathers aggressive voice saying he doesn't care anymore. I didn't know why I stayed and listen. Why is he doing this to us? To her.


I can see the future now. Daddy gone. He was always so obsessed with his music. His stupid music. Pain ran through me feverishly. Eating me alive. Filling it's hunger.


Slowly I turned and ran. I ran and ran not wanting to feel the pain, not wanting to see the truth but still it's being shoved in front of my face.




When I'm gone just carry on don't morn, rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice just know that I'm looking down on you smiling and I didn't feel a thing so baby don't feel no pain just smile back.


Eminem; When Your Gone



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i love this story
Aw..... It made me cry. Post more soon. =)

I hope Mia opens her heart and let Daniel in. Is a beautiful story and hopefullly not a tragic one.

I wonder what her father wants.

keep me updated.


When I'm Gone


Chapter Three: Moving forward and back...



I have been ignoring Daniel the whole day. It seems like he has too. I can't speak to him right now. Not after he said that he cared for me. I shuddered. He listens to my music. Been to my competitions. Yes, my whole life has always been about music. You can see I get that from my dad. I hate that but still I love it. It helps me calm down. It's the same when I write lyrics, poems even stories too. Nowadays I've been doing all I can to escape the real world. To escape my parents and silly drama. Why is life so cruel?


After school I went to visit my dad like my mother said. I found him in his music room packing boxes. “What are you doing?” I asked.


He looked at me excitement touched his eyes. “I'm touring again. I got good gigs with my band in Europe, Canada and South America.”


I clenched my fist feeling a sick. Sharp pain stung my heart. Tears appeared. “Your leaving again?”


He stopped abruptly. “Aren't you used to this yet, Mia?”


I shook my head letting the tears spill. “Dad please? You left mom, why are you leaving me?”


He sighed. “Baby, I have a life out side of this.” He spread his arms gesturing the at the house. “ Music is my life now.”


I thought I was your life, dad! You said it yourself!” I shouted grabbing one of the boxes.


Mia Bethany Andrews! Put that down this instant!” His face flushed red.


I dropped it hearing something crack and I turned and ran out of the room. Out of the house and into the streets. I didn't know where I was going but I had to run away. Run away and never look back to the sicking life I was living.


When I was done and tired I was standing in front of a house. It was grand and a neutral color. I walked up to the door and knocked. I don't know what I was doing this. I shouldn't be here. But I needed someone. Someone who was there and will be.


The door opens slowly. “Hey, Mia whats up?” He asked his face concerned.


Daniel, help me.” I begged





I keep having these dreams, I'm pushing Haylie on the swing, she keep screaming she don't want me to sing. Your making mommy cry why, why is mommy crying, baby daddy ain't leaving no more, daddy your lying you always say that you always say this is the last time but you ain't leaving no more daddy your mine! She's piling boxes in front of the door trying to block it. Daddy please, daddy don't leave, daddy no stop it!


Eminem, When I'm Gone



Authors Note:

*sigh* I'm happy with myself now. I thought this chapter was going to be hard not expecting what was going to be written but it turned out quiet well. I hope you guys like it. I'm sorry it's short though. Now you know why Daniel is now in Mia's life. An anchor for her when her parents don't have time for their daughter. Daniel isn't such a bad guy after all. Anyways, more coming soon.



I hope she'll be okay. Love it!
Thank you for reading. Updates soon.



When I'm Gone


Chapter Four: Better days...


We sat in the cafeteria talking. Both smiling and for once everything was okay. No more hurting and pain when I was with Daniel. His smile makes all anguish go away. He makes me forget about the bad things and makes me believe that this world can be good. Watching him talk too comfortably with me makes me see people differently, him especially. I was mistaken by what I saw by him the first time he talked to me. I felt stupid now that I ever thought of him that way. I was engulfed by his face and smiles that I didn't hear him ask a question.


So do you want to come?”


I blinked. “Huh?”


He chuckled. “I was asking you if you wanted to see a movie with me?”


My brain scrambled trying to tell myself that is what I heard from him. That he was asking me out. But still some part of me screamed No! I didn't know what to say even though the answer were right there on my tongue. I couldn't alter myself to say it. Was I scared? Maybe.


Daniel picked at his food while he waiting for me when I didn't answer right away. “Okay, I guess I know the answer.” His laugh was wary.


I shook my head. “No. I mean yes––yeah I'll go.”


He looked up at me eyes excited and happy. “Really?” He didn't wait for me to answer that. “How about Friday six?”


I nodded. “Six would be fine.”


The bell rang then and we both got up to go to our next class. I had English at this hour and he walked me to the door. We both stood there staring at each other not wanting to part even though it was only for and hour and fifteen minutes. He nodded at me and I mumbled a sad goodbye and he was off to his next class.


Slowly I turned and walked into the classroom. This was going to be a long period. When school finished I home with Daniel hand in hand. I didn't complain when he slipped his hand on mine. If felt good to have someone close when no one was really there. As I reached my house I saw a car parked in the drive way. My mom was home early.


I ran up the walk way with Daniel at my tail. Slowly I opened the door and there mom was on the couch waiting.


Mom?” I asked.


She gradually got up her face stricken. “Baby, come here.” She said.


Behind me Daniel coughed. “Um, I should home. See you tomorrow Mia.”


I turned around and nodded at him. When he had left I walked over to my mother sitting beside her. “Yes, mom.”


She took a deep breath. “Mia, since your father has left. And I'm not talking about me. Since he left town I don't really see a reason for us to stay too.”


So, what? You want to move? I just started school.” I whinned then paused and said in a softer voice, “but Daniel.”


My mother shook her head. “You can find new friends and new boys to like where we are going.”


I swallowed. “Where are we going?”


Ohio.” She whispered.


Suddenly I stood up. “No! Not that far! I thought you meant we are moving to downtown Toronto or Scarborough. I'm not going to the states!”


Mia, you've got to understand. I've already looked it up, there are good jobs for me there. A school and things for you to do.”


No, mom. NO!” My mom grabbed my hand and I pulled away. “It's like your asking me to shed away my skin and get a new one. I'm not moving!”


Her eyes hardened and her lips pursed. “It's not your decision, Mia. I've already made my choice. We are going to be out of here by Friday.” She said in a cold voice.


I watched as my mother walked out of the house and into her car. Then as she drove away. There I was, left alone again. More than I had every felt in my entire life. I felt more alone than I had when my father left us or when he left to go on the tour. Something was ripped out of me. I could feel the hollowness in my heart. It couldn't be stitched with bribes and candies like when I was little. It could only be help by Daniel. Daniel. What am I going to do about him. What am I going to tell him. Just as everything was getting better something mad it worse.


As I thought of that another piece of my heart was taken and I could feel my self vulnerable and sore. I dropped to the ground and clutched myself. Trying to keep me together. But as much as I tried I could still feel the pieces slipping through me. My happiness, my loving, my smile, my Daniel.





I look up it's just me standing in the mirror these _______walls must be talking cause man I can hear 'em. Their saying you got one more chance to do right and it's tonight. Now go out there and show 'em that you love 'em before it's too late. And just as I go to walk out of my bedroom door it turns into a stage their gone and the spotlight in on and I'm singing...


Eminem, When I'm Gone



Authors Note:

Sorry for not updating soon enough but I seriously did not have anything to write about and I was writing my other fan fiction “The Knowing...”. I hope you like this. Another twist to the unsettling plot. *Smiles*




Thanks for reading.
That's so SAD. I love it! Post more soon, please!

When I'm Gone


Chapter Five: Incoming...


He didn't take it well, Daniel I mean. It hurt him. I could see that in his brown eyes. The eyes of an Angel. That night I had cried. Something inside me felt ripped apart. Something inside me felt

missing. Daniel had filled that when my father had that he was gone too no one could fill that void. The hollowness is beyond belief. But the sad thing grew bigger.


* * *


Come on Mia, cheer up!”


I looked at her. “There is nothing cheery about this.”


She sighed. “You promised to be positive about this.”


I shook my head. “No, I promised to shut up the whole ride. Nothing more.”


She sighed and finished loading everything into the car and I was about to get in when I spotted someone running towards us. I smiled as they drew closer.


He stopped right in front of me. “Hey.”


I nodded. I felt my eyes sting and my heart and breathing pick up. I tried to swallow but the lump in my throat was too big to bare. A tear fell from my eye. I didn't understand why I was feeling this way. I barely knew Daniel.


He raised his hand and whipped it away. “Awe, don't be like that.”


My lips parted, “I'll miss you.” I whispered.


Daniel bit his lip. “Yeah same.”


Why'd you come?” I knew that it was rude to ask but he knew exactly what I meant but that.


His shoulders raised then dropped. A shrug. “I really don't know, Mia. I guess I just wanted to say goodbye one last time.”


I knew from the first moment I met you, I mean the time you hit me with that basketball last year that you were special in you own way.” He gave me a weak smile


I rolled my eyes. “That's bromidic.”


He laughed. “I know.”


Mia!” I heard my mother yell from inside the car.


I turn to look at her then back at Daniel. “I guess I have to go.”


He nodded “Yeah.” He then took out a pen and then my hand and started writing on it.


What are you doing.” I asked sniffling.


Daniel didn't say anything until he was done. “I'm writing my number and address.”


I mumbled, “Oh.”


Please, call me and write. Promise me?” His eyes pleaded and lips were trembling.


I nodded, “Yeah, I will. Soon as I get there. You do the same, OK?”


I waited for him to say something back then I said bye slipping inside the car. I rolled the window down as my mother turned on the car.


One last thing.” He said.


My eyebrows creased. “What?”


Daniel leaned into the car until our faces got close. “This.” He whispered then our lips met. At first I was shocked then feeling his warm lips on mine I got into it. He leaned away and smiled. I couldn't myself to do the same and I could feel my checks boil. My eyes wandered to my hands. He just laughed.


Goodbye, Mia.” He said


The car started moving father away from my house. I watched him wave and soon enough he was gone. More tears came to my eyes.


* * *


The drive was long and difficult. The silence between my mother and I did not help. There was nothing to be said. My heart ached like none before. I was wrong before, there wasn't as void but a black whole sucking up all the happiness, relief and love I ever had in life. I could feel it taking away pieces of me leaving grief and despair. There was nothing left for me to live for. I don't about my mother but she could live with out me. I was pretty sure about that. Pretty sure about no life.






A house is not a home I hate this song, is a house really a home when you loved ones are gone (no...)?And ______ got the nerve to blame you for it, and you know you would have took the bullet if you saw it and you felt it and still feel it.


Diddy ft. Dirty Money, I'm Coming Home




Authors Note:

I know this is a somewhat short chapter than I usually write but I hope you like it. It took a lot of emotion to write this. I actually had to listen to a couple of sad songs so I could actually find the right way to describe how Mia felt.




Glad you like it, Thank you...

I love the kiss! That's exactly how I acted when the guy I liked kissed me! Of course, I can't blush, but I couldn't stop smiling! *sigh* He was so sweet..... Anyways, LOVE IT! I feel bad for her.


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