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When I'm Gone




I stood in the rain. Staring at the house. Tears spilled down my eyes. I could hear them. The cries and pain that erupted from my mother. My fathers aggressive voice saying he doesn't care anymore. I didn't know why I stayed and listen. Why is he doing this to us? To her.


I can see the future now. Daddy gone. He was always so obsessed with his music. His stupid music. Pain ran through me feverishly. Eating me alive. Filling it's hunger.


Slowly I turned and ran. I ran and ran not wanting to feel the pain, not wanting to see the truth but still it's being shoved in front of my face.




When I'm gone just carry on don't morn, rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice just know that I'm looking down on you smiling and I didn't feel a thing so baby don't feel no pain just smile back.


Eminem; When Your Gone



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Thank you. As the writer so do I. *chuckles* I'm the one making this happen. Hmmm... *Thinking...*
Hey, your a really good author. This is great. :)
Thank you, so are you. When would you be updating yours? I'm looking forward to reading.




When I'm Gone


Chapter Six: Continuation of Unexpected...


It's been a year and a few months. A long year at that. Without Daniel everything seemed so different. In a good and bad way, I mean. Mom found someone. Someone good for her, you know. And unexpectedly she got pregnant. That's when they decided to get married. It would be this coming June.


His name is Derek. He's sweet and bring me stuff sometimes. Way better that what my real dad did. I him you know. My bio-father, on TV. He sang on Much Music last night. I almost cried watching him. He was good real good.


I talk to Daniel sometimes. On the phone, letters, emails, video chat; you know, that kind of thing. He seemed sad. Of course he was–is sad. I left him right after he started to get to know me. I miss him like crazy. Miss his brown eye and caramel skin that felt so smooth under my palm.


Mia!” My mother interrupted my thoughts.


I sighed and slipped out of the bed heading down stairs. She was in the living room panting hunched over her big rounded belly. The baby was so big and taking up all of her. She could barely move anymore.


She spoke to me between cramps and pain of the baby stretching. “” She took a deep breath. “...Ice pack,” My mother started groaning then.


I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the ice pack from the fridge then running back to her. I put it on her forehead and she seemed to relax.


Do you want anything else?” I asked.


She didn't say anything for a while and I was about to ask again she screamed and I saw a gush of water dripping down the couch. I gasped. I ran jumping over her to the phone. I fumbled with the receiver and trying to dial 911. For a second I almost forgot the numbers and then I relized their was a speed dial for emergencies.


The baby is coming...” My mother mumbled.


I talked to the person who picked up. Well, yelled at them really. They told me the ambulance should come in five minutes and that there is a $100 fine for it.


I don't give a damn about the money!” I yelled. “Just get me the ____ing ambulance here!”


And they did. It came in three minutes actually.


* * *


My mother had a boy. They called him Jayden Anthony Andrews. He's adorable. Pale brown eyes and fair skin. I love him. I really do and the first time I held him is when I vowed that I will watch over him. Like a big sister should.





Made a wrong turn, Once or twice. Dug my way out blood and fire. Bad decision that alright, Welcome to my silly life.


Pink, Perfect



Authors Note:

I hope you guys like this. I wanted to give Mia something good in her life when Daniel was not there. Thanks for reading.



Thank you. I will update soon.
thank you for reading. Updates soon.
This is good! Post more soon, please!
This is good! Love it. :)
Thank you.

When I'm Gone


Chapter Six: The sad sorry tale...


I called Daniel as soon as we got home from the Hospital. I was desperate to tell him about the new addition.


“Hello?” A woman's voice answered.


“Hi,I'm sorry I though this was Daniel's cell.” I reply.


The woman sniffed. “Oh, is it you Mia? I'm so sorry.”


It was Daniel's mom, Beth. How could I not tell? “What's wrong? Why didn't Daniel pick up?”


“I'm sorry, Mia.” She says. “Daniel was in a little accident and he's in a coma.”


I gasp. “Wha-what? What happened.”


“It was a hit and run sweetie.” Beth sniffs. “They thought he was his friend Michael. Apparently he owed money to some people and couldn't give it back so they were hunting him down and instead of getting Michael they hit Daniel instead?”


My world seemed to crash into me. Tears began to stream down my face. I began to sob my hands to my face. Daniel. He was hurt. In a coma and I was all the way here and couldn't be there with him. I never had really thought of it but I loved Daniel. More than I had wanted to admit. He was there when no one seemed to be and it's like he's gone now. Hope seemed to drain out of me. He was my life source. The soul of my body, so marble and strong. The thought of it perishing left me with no hope, only desire that seemed so far gone it might as well be decease. It was only three minutes later I realized I had the phone in my hand.


“What hospital is he in?” I ask.


“Saint Margaret, why?”


“I'm coming.”


 Occupation Flame

Darkness glows,

 Body numbs.

Creative mind ceases.


Winds longing,

Terror rise.

Burning pain increases.


Cooling fire,

Blazing ice.

Life’s altogether decreases


-Vannessa Taylor


The sky darkens,My life flashes. The plane I was suppose to be on crashes and burns to ashes -Eminem “When I'm Gone...”


Authors Note:

So sorry for not updating. I actually thought I'd given up on this story but of course Eminem inspired me again and drew me back to it. I hope you like this chapter. I promise you I will update more soon.



post more soon love it keep me updated please !!!
thank you. I will.


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