The Twilight Saga

Edward leaves Bella after her 18th birthday, and making love. Bella finds out she is pregnant 3 days later that she run away from home leaving a note to Charlie. She moves to Canada were she gives birth to Renesmee who bites her, and turns Bella into a vampire. Victoria still seeking revenge for James' starts to hunt for Bella. As Bella and Renesmee meets a coven of vegetarian vampires, and lives with them.But what happens when Bella falls for one of the vampires in her new coven?Will Victoria ever catch them?Read on........

                                      WE NEED :


Renesmee:Roman Cullen


Laurent:Alice Cullen

kyle:(bella's new mate) ♚♡AskingAlexandria♡♚

Jessica{kyles sister}Elena Gilbert-half human

Crystal:(kyles other sister)Liliana Hope Spring

Riley:(leader of the vampire clan)

Victoria:Renesmee Cullen(Clohe Dames)


no trying to make edward come back hes gone(sorry)

no joining and ditching

be respectful and have fun.

when all the roles are filled dont worry 

just leave your name.if someone is playing there role you can take over

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Can i be Crystal? also i have to go to bed cause i am starting to have blurred vision soo.. i will write tomorrow but please let me be Crystal!

can i play Jessica please?


yes you can

starting now just join in

I sit on the edge of my bed,as i stare at the white stick in my hand,with the pink plus sign on it.I can't believe it.I'm pregnant.But that's not the worst thing.Edward's gone and he's not coming back.What am i going to do,i cant tell Charlie,he'll never live through it.But why did Edward leave,we had a fantastic encounter,we had fitten together perfectly like puzzle pieces,but i guess i did something wrong cause the next morning he was gone.Tears stream down my eyes as i silently cry into my hands."What am i going to do?"i think aloud.

Renesmee move in her mother since she is rapidly growing.

i clutch my stomach to dull the pain."ahh whats wrong."i say,though she/he cant hear me.Suddenly the phone rings.hoping it was edward,i rush to get it but it wasnt,hes gone."hi dad...yeah i can wait a couple of you too."i throw the phone on the bed and before  my mind can process what my body is doing ive already packed a bag of clothes.So this is my decision,im going to leave ,but not for me,for the safety of i walk over to my desk and write him a letter.

Dear dad,

im not proud of some of the decisions ive made in life but im proud of one,

coming back here to live with you.youll probably wanna know why i left but i 

cant give you all the details except...when you get this look in the bathroom 

youll see it.Dad i know you love me but please dont come looking for me im fine

ill write when i can,dad i hope me leaving wont change youre life.go on without me

and dad ,i love you


i place the test on the bathroom counter,grab my keys and bank card and leave.i stick the note on the door,he cant miss it.and as i drive away the only thing i can say is.."here to a new journey."

Already 3 months pass. Renesmee was already born letting her mother become a newborn. During the 3 months Renesmee already look like 3 year old as she look at her mother.

Sit in the chair,as i watch renesmee at the piano playing a song she wrote.shes the smartest 3 year old now a vampire but i still have emotions.i miss my dad and my mom too."Nesse,come here baby girl."i say."We need to go buy some groceries.wanna come."

can i play bella? please

(Sorry I poof I went to Disneyland)

I walk to my mother, and put my hand on her cheek while I look at her. I had this gift ever since I was born, and use it as a easy way to communicate.


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