The Twilight Saga

Edward leaves Bella after her 18th birthday, and making love. Bella finds out she is pregnant 3 days later that she run away from home leaving a note to Charlie. She moves to Canada were she gives birth to Renesmee who bites her, and turns Bella into a vampire. Victoria still seeking revenge for James' starts to hunt for Bella. As Bella and Renesmee meets a coven of vegetarian vampires, and lives with them.But what happens when Bella falls for one of the vampires in her new coven?Will Victoria ever catch them?Read on........

                                      WE NEED :


Renesmee:Roman Cullen


Laurent:Alice Cullen

kyle:(bella's new mate) ♚♡AskingAlexandria♡♚

Jessica{kyles sister}Elena Gilbert-half human

Crystal:(kyles other sister)Liliana Hope Spring

Riley:(leader of the vampire clan)

Victoria:Renesmee Cullen(Clohe Dames)


no trying to make edward come back hes gone(sorry)

no joining and ditching

be respectful and have fun.

when all the roles are filled dont worry 

just leave your name.if someone is playing there role you can take over

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"What did she show you?"I asked,curiously

Jessica-"Its something about my brother."She looked a renesmee."I dont think that will work." she looks at bella."Ddo you have clan that you live with"?

"No.they left after Renesmee's father and me know."i say taking Nesse from Jessica."We've been living in Canada ever since,why?"

Renesmee snuggled on her mother softly.

"Someone's tired."i say adjusting renesmee in my arms."I have to go your welcome to come over but,you probably have other things to do ."

"I dont know im kinda always in the way with things maybe later ". she smiled." its nice meeting you and renesmee though".

"Ok,guess we'll see you around.Let's go Nesse."We drive home adter getting groceries.Nesse eats and then I tuck her in."Nice to have other vamps around huh.But what did you tell her about her brother.?"


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