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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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yea of corse i threw the book then picked it back up and threw it again shes so stupid for doin that ugh ugh
Oh my gosh yes because Edward is so perfect and he's has done everything to make her happy and always has so I think she betray him. its not fair!!
Except for nearly destroying her! Can you imagine six months without Edward? I can't!
i was FURIOUS! i couldnt belive bella wold be so, so, intence with him!
I was mad, but i think bella was jsut confused and plus from all the stress with everything going on around her.
I was ticked off, but it wasn't like I didn't see it coming. Jake was just being so manipulative and arrogant. If I was Bella, I would have slapped his face and not cared that I rebroke my hand! The entire time that I was reading that scene, I was like "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!". UGH So frustrating!
it was funny to see bell so easly tricked by jacob and i believe edward should have been upset but we have to think about it they were in the middle of a fight with the newborns and he didnt have time to have it out with jacob but i do believe ms myers should make more twlight books from edward point of view cause after reading her partial draft from her website i do believe we will understand how he's felling more if she writes it
It doesn't really make sense to be mad at Jacob, as much of a game as he was playing with Bella and Edward, Edward was playing just as dirty. By saying that it hurt Edward for Bella to kiss Jake, it's like the months and months he left her completely broken and damaged didn't mean anything. If you have ever been broken by someone it is the hardest thing ever, and that is what they show Bella as the whole first half of New Moon, a completely broken ghost of herself. And Jacob fixed her. When she kisses Jake she sees an entire life that they would have together, and it would be comfortable. If Edward would have not come back she would have been with Jacob and Edward would have been glad she was happy. In the long run Edward is the reason that Jacob and Bella have the love/bond that they do. He left her and drove her right to Jacob.
I completely agree my post from earlier today compliments yours really well and I'm just getting to yours! We've really got some serious Jacob-haters in this discussion! Jake is so selfless, is it so horrible that he tried to pursue Bella for, what, the second or third time since they became best friends? After all, he's had feelings for her which have only grown stronger throughout New Moon--and Bella knows that! She said she had expected him to take advantage of the situation. She was okay with that because she was aware of how much pain she had caused him. I say: fair trade.
i screamed!!!!!!.. it was soooo disgusting! (to me).... i was so upset!!!!... ughhhhhhhhhhh....
Yeah i swore at my book... uhh yeeeaaahhhh...

Thats right i swore at a inatimite object. Geez.
No i actually liked it and it made the book to me better :]


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