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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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actually he kissed her but she should have stoped it i was so happy that she punched him but sad that she broke her hand
Yes, it made me absolutely furious when I found out that she kissed Jacob. How could she do something like that. If they have that scene in the movie, I know I will be screaming at Bella for doing that to her beloved Edward.
I have to admit...i tossed the book in the corner of my room til I was over being ticked off at Bella and Jacob. Sheesh, what has these characters done to me!? haha
i definitely was very angry with her, what's the matter with her??
how could she do that to Edward is she insane?
didn't she know how much pain that would cause?
like whoooa.
i was so friggen pissed of
and well i kinda started to get tears,
because it was just so sad,
how could she do that to edward,
it didn't seem right to be real love then.
one reason i loved the books so much, was because
it was just real love, a perfect kind of love that probably everyone
wishs for. and then she kisses him, it ruined everything for me.
but then after i finished reading the book, i calmed down.
i still love the book and everything,
but that seen was so heart crushing for me.
because i thought she loved edward more than anything
and would never do something like that.
well yea....
I fully agree with you. It really crushed a part of heart that otherwise loves the books soooo much. There will always be that...I love the Twilight series EXCEPT FOR..sort of thing for me.
i was pissed...he tricked her =[[
i felt soooooo sorry for edward
Yeah I bloody was I hate Jacob Black
I wasn’t necessarily mad that she kissed him. I was infuriated with Jacob for being so pushy about it and basically forcing her to do it.
Yes, I was so mad, but I wasn't mad at Edward because he truly just wants her to be happy, and he has and tons of years to understand life.
i was furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think i insulted jacob! talking to myself!!!!!!
but what edward tells her later, that he just wants her to be happy, is truly beautiful :]
i couldn't believe she was so stupid. She CLEARLY chose Edward. but she had to go and kiss jacob. why? If i was Edward i would have been super angry and i still would've hit Jacob wether she asked him or not.


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