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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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i was more hurt for edward than mad at jacob...and i don't think i understand bella during that time....

but i guess in order for a bella to totally understand that edward is her drug, her life..she needed a jacob to truly appreciate an edward in her life...
yes, because I just can feel Edward's pain because of this. he wasn't mad, but for sure he's hurt.
of course bella love jacob, but she doesn't have to act on it, especially if she knew it will hurt edward.
she said, she loves edward more, then why she hurts edward that way? so selfish!

Honestly, I have been stuck at this scene for 2 weeks already, I haven't been able to continue reading ... too much pain for Edward ... I just can't bear it ... (phew..)
yeah, of course I've got spoilers, but haven't finish Eclipse, Breaking Dawn still waiting ...
yes, I was sooo mad at bella -.- how could she hurt edward in that way? and how did edward not show how much it had hurt him?
and I HATE jacob. in new moon I thought he's a nice guy but since he kissed bella the first time in eclipse, he became such a jerk. he manipulated bella, yes.
hell yeah it made me angry, i barely read the rest of the chapter, it made it worse for me when edward didnt even seem to get mad at her, he shouldve kissed someone else too so she would know what that feels like, also i hated the chapter when she visits jacob at his house while he's recovering from his injuries and at the end before she leaves the last words were "love you jacob" i was like what the hell man she shouldnt be saying that to anyone else
To tell you the truth i was really pissed didnt make any since one minute she's so happy with Edward and hates jacob then the next she's kissing tell you the truth i stopped reading it until my sister told me it gets yea i was ticked off
I was pissed, i can't believe that Edward didn't do anything, because he knew Jacob was going to kiss Bella, even if Bella didn't want to kiss...
even if Edward said he wanted Bella to be happy, it must of hurt him that Bella was kissing Jacob, I mean Bella would be pissed at Edward if he kissed Leah or Rose...
Bella was stupid in that scene i wanted to throw the book...
I was really mad, he really did not give the respect to Bella that she deserved.
Naghty Jacob!!!

I was so so pissed off. The only reason that I dont like eclipse as much is because of that and her deciding she loves him. Otherwise it would be my favourite book. But it just makes me WAY too mad. I totally lost respect for Bella and didnt like her so much after that crap.
yea . bella's attitude has changed .on the previous books bella was so conservative but at the eclipse she was gone mad she became LIBERATED .as in .
I was so upset! I really wanted her to say "yes I love you , but as a borther" or something like that. It just didn't seem realistic to me that she would love Eward with an all encompassing love, that she would want to die because he left and then be able to fall in love with some one else so quickly. Can you picture Edward even giving a second glance at another girl? I didn't think so!
thats exactly what i wanted her to say!
i was really furious!! I understand that Jacob really loves Bella but he knew that Bella was Edward's already. Why did he still kiss her !!!!????


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