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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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I was a little "mad" .
Itz true...Edward didn´t deserve that ; but ...
hahah i did that to. but yeah i was really pissed why would she have done that man i wasss so pissed
yeah i sooooo pissed too when she did that. i was like how can she do that to edward!!!
seriosly, i dont get why edward doesnt get mad.
i would have big problems with forgiving someone if i came in edwards situation.
i got SO pissed, i still am...
it's true Edward didn't deserve that... I was so mad!! i still can't understand how Edward got over it... i was about closing the book and never read it again... i still can't think about it...
well esward is so understanding becuase he knew why she was doing it and because he king of knew that jacob was/almost imprints on bella so they will love each other but it will bet better... eventually
I WAS FURIOUS. I THREW THE BOOK AT THE WALL (don't worry it isnt creased).. and then cried.. how could she do that to him? She has this gorgeous, caring, perfect (etc..) vampire, who is in love with her (well.. its a bit stronger than that), and would do anthing for her, and she goes and kisses an ignorant werewolf... but I clamed down a bit when she said she loved Edward a lot more.. *phew*..
i about threw the book 2. gahh im still ticked just talkin about it
yea i was absolute mad with jake......
i hate jake at that time....
yea i was thinking y edward wont be tht time...
but rite....he just wants bella to be hapi...
so touching...
i did hate Bella that moment, Jake was just taking advantage of the situation... of course he shouldn't but Bella? How could she?
bella was inlove whit him so the attraction between them did get better (from bellas side) and worse (from jakes) but hey she was doing what was right but he is such a jerk
I was mad also. It is cheating and disrespectful in my eyes.


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