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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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exactly i was so mad that i din read the further story for few days ... it felt like a betrayal to me ... how can any1 do that to some1 like edward... it was totally pathetic ... poor edward ... n poor bella i was more mad at jacob wat a cheater he is ..
I was pee'd off. I couldn't believe Bella just threw away her loyalty for Edward like that *Snaps fingers angrily*?! And just minuets after she agreed to Marrige. I love bella but she can be such a selfish little twirp sometimes.
really annoyed...after she think that she should dump jake...she would do that...that is one of the parts i got annoyed over her..
Ugh!!!!! NO!!!! Okay, there I SAID IT!!!!! I was HAPPY! I'm Team Switzerland, but I was swaying dangerously close to Team Jacob at that point in my Twilight Saga love affair. I felt.....
First, surprised
Then, delighted
Then, confused
Next, ashamed
And Finally, confused again
But I was never mad. I love Jacob for making Bella happy. Sure her life gets more complicated with him in it, but its also more complete, ya kno?
i thought it was pretty low for jake to force bella to kiss him so that he wouldnt go to the fight although he went anyway, against what she wanted. but im proud of Edward b/c he understands that bella's only human, she had a lot of conflicting emotions in Eclipse.
i was fuming!:@ u look through my book and them few pages are all creased cos i punched the book:L
nddd jacobb knew tht she wus qunna do tht so he did that on purpsoe he qoht no lyff he is mahd desperate lyk 4reall. qeht a gurl tht actually wants to b wiff you .
omg im soo mad tht she kissed him too u cant promise to come bac alive hellooo and edward shoulve gotten mad at jake though and a little bella cuz she was kissing him bac
yea i was so mad with her and she is getting married with edward! and she's is kissing jacob! she knew jacob wanted to her to kiss her!
kind of, evreryone knew that it was coming I'm just wondering what it will be like in the movie
NO!!! I was glad she came to terms with her feelings for Jake. Bella loved both Edward and Jacob, even if she never admitted she loved him until the kiss it is still true. She had to face her love for Jake first before she could know 100% she belonged with Edward and all of her plans with Edward were the right way to go.After kissing Jacob Bella no longer second guessed her choice. Jacob would forever be her best friend and Edward would forever be her world.
omg mad was not the word for what i felt when i read that she had kissed him i wonder how crazy she was


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