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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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I wasn't mad. It proved that no relationship no matter how stong the love connection was perfect. Although Bellas love for Edward was so strong she Knows she can't live without him. Jacob was also there when Edward wasn't and Took care of her, Like she said..He was her "SUN". How could she not develop feelings for him? Of course i felt bad for Edward but he Just wants Bella to be happy. I was happy that everything turned out in the end, but i wasn't mad that Bella kissed Jacob.
i also think that
I personally think:what was Bella thinking and how did Edward get past that!,but then I noticed in Breaking Dawn that she wasn't as confused,so I support her and how she felt for both of them and that answered both of my questions in 1 answer.She was confused,so that's how Edward became calm about all of this,and that's how Bella could do that to him,she was a confused,worried teenager and that's the worst thing yet,so I feel no threat tord Bella or Jacob or Edward.
A-greed. I feel the same way. Great point about him being her "sun."
i was soo mad, that I want to scream! I don't like Jacob.
i think that edward should be mad, and go fight with his family! and she stays alone
but i stiil like jake, he is fight for what he wants
I was full on outraged. as if she wouldn't be able to see through him, i thought they were best friends? They have alot to learn about eachother!
And i felt even worse for Edward, he's done nothing but give his all for Bella, always with her best interests considered. And this is how she treats him, like he's a doormat. Bella doesn't deserve Edward. I think in Eclipse the word for Bella is SELFISH rather than SELFLESS!
Well, i was clearly not mad at Bella, but at Jacob.. :| i felt like i could smack him in the face with an iron ball >o< I like Jacob, he's a good friend and a nice guy, but THAT was just out of place, even for a wolf O_O
it was clear that Bella cared about him more then a friend, and he just took advantage of that :| but i never doubted that she wouldn'd leave edward :) she just loves him too much
i wasn't so mad at bella cause lets face it, she's incredibly naive, but i was really peeved with jake for manipuating her like that
why does he do that to us?
twilight, you barely know him, new moon you're like "aww what a sweetheart for taking care of bella", eclipse he's a jerk half the time, and then in breaking dawn we finally understand him. yeesh! lol
I WAS MAD! FURIOUS! ANGRY! PISSED! I WANTED TO RIP THE BOOK APART! ( but i didnt because a wanted to read the rest) BUT YEAH! I WAS MAD!


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