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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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I WAS SO MAD!! I almost threw the book!! But I wasn't mad at Bella I was mad at Jacob, cause he is such an
idiot! I don't like him at all, But I really started to hate him in the 4th book!
Edward wants nothing but for Bella to be happy. He hides it very well though when things she does hurts him, she would never let him know that he hurt her. I was so mad when she kissed Jacob. I hate Jacob!
i wanted to go into the book and punch him for bella cause she didnt deserve to be used
I was not mad. I was shocked but not mad. She needed to realize that she loved him. I know that she loves Edward more but she still needed to know that those feelings were there. I love what Edward tells her when he finds out that they kissed. He said..." When I left, I left you with a whole. Jacob came along and stitched that whole back up. You cannot go through something like that with someone and not come away with a few scars.".....Edward got it. He was not happy about it, but he got it.
oh i was sooo pissed when she kissed jacob! after everything they went through in new moon how could she do that? i mean yeah jake sort of tricked her but then she started to like it! if edward wasnt so perfect and forgiving he could have just left her again! and when she hurt edward all the time with all of the jacob stuff he just didnt show it! and she knew she was hurting him so why didnt she stop? haha im getting fired up just talking about it
Yess. I was soo angry!
I couldn't understand why she kissed him!
and i felt real bad for Edward. but he just wants her to be happy..
I did a really loud scream, and my mum came in my room to ask me what was wrong. and all i said was..'she kissed him, Jacob. the wolf' in a real evil voice..
my mum backed slowly out the room. LMAO
Yeah. I was mad. Okay, I was really mad. But not so much at Bella. I don't like Jake, and he totally tricked her into asking him to kiss her. He wouldn't have died in the battle and even though Bella obviously has feelings for him, how could she not. He was there for her when she needed support, but he did NOT have to push himself on her. She has her soulmate, and Jake needed to step down like a man.

The only time I've ever thrown the book was when Edward left in New Moon, and I cried.
Lets just say I was so mad that I almost tossed the book again. lol.
Totally agree with you on wanting to throw the book when Edward left. I was on the verge of tears. I wanted to scream at him.. lol
I was totally mad but then Bella was so torn between the two that I felt bad for her
i was totally mad. i was like what in the world is she doing and i was thinking OMG what is Edward going to do..
I was so mad, Bella dissappointed me. I just knew she was smarter than that. He was a friend when Edward left, thats what friends do. Be thier for you. I just dont care for Jacob
At first I was upset with that kiss but I think that it was neccesary for Bella to realize who she is meant to be with. I also think that Edward shouldn't have been so easygoing with Bella falling for Jacob. That just goes to show the true extent of the damage when he left. Edward felt that he drove Bella towards Jacob and that's a guilt that he probably felt for a long time and that's why he didn't get mad at her


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