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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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i dindnt like jacob at all in new moon i forced myself to read the WHOLE thing and i didnt look in the back to see if edward came back but he did and this just made me hate jacob even more i hope he dies
I wasn't really mad at Bella but I was pissed off at jake because he tricked her. I can understand loving 2 people but a werewolve and a vampire? GO TEAM EDWARD!
I was mad the first couple times I read the story because I couldn't understand how she could do that to Edward. After reading it some more I feel that she needed that to reaffirm her love and devotion lies with Edward. It's still a hard part to read but overall I feel it is a essential part of the story.
Well...The first time I read this book, i was really frustrated with her. Thought she didn't deserve Edward's graciousness. It was agonizing reading it, like i wanted to slap her silly. But then as i read on i understood why. Eventually after reading the series a couple more times (:P) i got over it. As long as she loved edward more ;_; LOL sigh*
Heck Yeah!! But remember she asked him to kiss her-and he did-but it was all a trick!! That's what gets me sooo mad about Jacob. It's all about him!! He never once thinks about Bella. He's totally ingrossed about how he & her would've been, should've been and should be. Even at the end, when she tells him that she envisioned her being with him, and proceeds to tell him it wouldn't make a difference either way cuz she loves Edward-he still says that he's going to keep trying. Unlike Edward who-until the end-even in the beginning of breaking Dawn, he asks her if her choice was the right choice, because he wants her to be happy. Gotta love Edward.. Jacob is irritating. I've read the books about 57times-sometimes to figure out Jacob-but i've noticed that he's just who he is-annoying.. As he put it in New Moon-annoyingly persistant.. UGH!! And Bella-well she made me mad for falling for Jacob's crap. But she's always had a soft spot for him cuz she feels like she owes him for when Edward left her & jacob was there to seal her up. It's all a little infuriating to be honest-they should both get slapped. I would've loved for Bella to tell Jacob why she was hanging out with him to begin with. That would have made him mad-or maybe not. But Bella let it get to that point, too. If she would've told him from the beginning and showed it too-not to hold her hand or hold her etc, etc.etc. then he would've-maybe caught the hint that she wasn't interested. But as Edward says- it's a moot point. I'd like to know the why's from stephenie herself..
Of course I was upset but I did see what she was thinking. It wasn't easy, Jacob was her own personal sun and he was about to set... what would you do?

And it's funny how Edward reacted, remember when Bella heard his voice in her head back in New Moon when Jacob was about to kiss her in her kitchen (when Edward called)? The exact same reaction: 'Be happy".It's so fascinating that Bella understands Edward so much, that he is indeed trying so hard to be selfless, that his actual reaction to a kiss between Bella and Jacob is unconditionally selfless. Amazing.
I absolutely HATE Jacob. Every time Bella thinks off him I want to rip her head off. He is the worst, most annoying person in the world. I wish Edward and Jacob would get in a fight and Edward would viciously murder Jacob. I almost skipped all of new moon to chapter 20, when i found out Edward came back there. I also recently got sharpies that don't bleed through paper and was planning to cross out every Jacob name in my copy of new moon. I REALLY hate him. I guess he was okay in twilight, but he ruined it after that. In breaking dawn, i am so relieved that Bella FINALLY stops loving him. Definitely that was one of the best parts of breaking dawn. So yeah, I wanted to rip Jacobs head off for kissing Bella, and I was mad at her too for kissing him back. I can't bring myself to read that again. How can anyone be on team Jacob?!?!?!
Im really upset actually..I mean she is suppose to be declaring her love for Edward but ends up kissing Jacob?? And especially after she keeps telling him that they are just family..Well last time I looked you don't kiss your brother..
i was kinda mad but it was vital for both of them to start getting over eachother....i kinda understand but edward understood so why cant we??

lol I found out that it was totally funny...
i was so hyper when Bella punched Jacob!!
how often does one get to kiss their 'other choice' and see a glimpse of what might have been and know we chose correctly? plus, edward has 100 years of experience and patience, and he knows he won in the end. allowing her to kiss jacob willingly, though hurtful at the moment, has to also remove some of his doubt that she might be happier without him, or might later choose jacob over him. even though there is no reason for either of them to doubt the love they have for each other, they both contiuously do. it could have been their tragic flaw in a different type of novel.


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