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So I was messing around on Polyvore and I ended up making this;

Which then raised my question- Which Bella?


With Edward she is the serious in love teenager, the one who has to watch out for danger but who worries about everything. But with Edward, she is at her most happiest; despite the danger that lurks around the corner.

With Jacob she is free to do what she wants, not taking into consideration what might happen, she has almost nothing to worry about. But when she is with him, she misses Edward like part of her heart faulters without his presence. Yet when she is with Edward she is constantly worrying over Jacob and how he is depressed- because of her.


So, which Bella do you prefer?

I am on the fence. She is free with Jacob, no worries but the crippling pain she feels when Jake professes his love for her, and how she loves him...but not enough.

But she is happiest with Edward, she can relax with him because, he's there.


I posted this in Bella because most of us have a team (like me- Edward hardcore) but this means that we can have a variety of answer, Switzerland! :D

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I prefer the Bella with edward. sure she worries about jacob cause she in a way used him when edward was gone. yes jacob can protect her, yes she can grow old and possible have babies. with edward: it's her bestfriend, soulmate,love of her life, can't live with out, almost dies cause he left her. She belongs with Edward. Sorry but I am also true hardcore edward. the ones that are jacob thinks that she needs to be with him. if you look past all of that. edward is her soulmate, truest friend, protector, lover, can't live without. there is alot more pros with edward then people think. she almost dies when she thought he left even though he did it to try and keep her alive. jacob could accidently hurt her just like sam did his mate. he was not mean to be with her cause he didn't imprint on her. if he was suppose to be her true love then it would have happened before edward ever came back and she wouldn't have run off to save him. like i said edward is her soulmate and nothing can tear that apart or come between. when you have you soulmate then you can deal with what ever comes along. that why i have to edward

See I've always thought that too!
At least Edward trusted her to go see Jake, and started to ease up on the amount of controlling; but what Jake did in Eclipse annoyed me with threatening to kill himself, that annoyed me so I've always been for Bella and Edward.


Thank you for your input (:

i wasn't trying to get ruffy with anyone but just trying to let people know what i thought and remind them of how jake was. even in eclipse he played her. i think people have forgotten about how he played her in eclipse cause it wasn't in the movie about how when she went back to edward, he let her know that all jake was doing was playing with her emotions. in my opinion: they shouldn't have even been friends after what he did in eclipse and in the end of new moon when she went to save edward. then he was also very selfish for asking her about their honeymoon when it was none of his business. then he tried to kill edward in eclipse cause he thought he was right about everything. even when they came back he was determined to go kill them with out seeing what was going on. in my opinion he was a complete jerk. in the end he understood but only cause he thought that in the end that he would end up with renessemee
Agreed!!! That's the truth!!!
i agree with you
Agreed! AGAIN!!! :D
Okay how is Edward a jerk??? I am not understanding your point at all because it makes zero sense. Edward and Bella made a compromise. The compromise was that in order for Edward to change Bella into a vampire, Bella had to marry Edward first. Edward knew that Bella was set on what she wanted and he also knew that asking Bella to marry him first would slow down the process. Meaning that he would have more time to convince her to stay human. Edward also wanted to get married to Bella. So their compromise makes sense, they met each other in the middle (well they planned on meeting each other in the middle until the unplanned pregnancy happened) that's what you do in relationships, you met each other in the middle. Edward didn't like the idea of changing Bella in to a vampire, Bella didn't like the idea of marriage. Turns out Bella loved getting married to Edward and Edward was happy when Bella became a vampire. Both of their fears turned out to be meaningless in the end. So please again explain how Edward is such a big jerk.
I am 100% Bella and Edward too. People are always saying that edward was selfish and all that. what edward wanted was for bella to stay human but in order for edward to change bella like she wanted yes there was a compromise. In my opionion jake was the jerk not edward. in new moon, jake tried to stop bella from saving bella. in eclipse in the tent he tells edward well you should have stayed gone and i would of had her. then before the fight jake plays with bella's emotions knowing that she cares for him by saying well i'll just go and get myself killed. then in bd he thinks he is right in asking about the honeymoon and the is ready to go kill everyone without even trying to find out what was going on. if you listen real close in the end of eclipse he tells her i will wait for her even after she is changed. i honestly believe that jake was a big jerk until the fight and he figures well if  i can't have bella then i will have her and edward's daughter. like i said in my opinion he was the jerk not edward. then jake even tried to keep bella from her daughter.

I am 100% love Bella and Edward.


Edward & Bella were always meant to be together. Their fate was always inevitable. Nothing could break them apart not Jacob, Charlie, the stress of the newborns or Victoria, not even the Volturi. Edward & Bella's relationship stood strong and never faltered even though the odds were stacked against them single every time. That is proof enough that they were meant to be together. Bella made it clear to everyone including Jacob that she wanted nothing more than Edward. Never once in the entire saga did she or wanted to deny her love for Edward. However, Bella did want to deny that she was in love with Jacob. In Eclipse, chapter 24 pages 533-534, Edward: "You love him," he murmured gently. Bella: Every cell in my body ached to deny it. "I love you more," I said. It was the best I could do. Bella never wanted to be in love with Jacob but it happened with her not even noticing it as Stephenie Meyer said. Jacob and Bella were suppose to be like family and in the end, that is exactly what the sorta turned out to be.


For the people that say Bella was more free with Jacob and that it is easier for her to be with him. Bella didn't want easier or more free! Bella wanted Edward and everything that came with being with Edward. Bella knew from the beginning that being with Edward screamed DANGEROUS DANGEROUS but never once did she run away. Bella could have taken the easy way out and been with Jacob but she decided to take the path less traveled by (Robert Frost) and be with Edward. Also, a lot of people forget that if Bella would have chosen Jacob that Jacob would have been getting not even half of her heart. Don't you Jacob fans agree that Jacob deserves more than that? Bella would never be able to give Jacob her whole heart no matter how much time past. Jacob always would have been second best when it came to her heart. I might not like Jacob but I can admit that Jacob would have given Bella his all and he didn't deserve a heart that already belonged to someone else. This is what Bella said in New Moon Chapter 20 as she desperately ran to save Edward: "I'd never seen anything more beautiful----even as I ran, gasping and screaming, I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing. And his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter if he did not want me. I would never want anything but him, no matter how long I lived." Like I said Bella & Edward were always meant to be. Jacob just would have been second best if she would have chosen him.


Now, for the people who say that Edward is controlling, overprotective, abusive, possessive, etc. I have to highly, completely, and gladly disagree with you. If Edward is any of those things it is overprotective but that is just a part of his nature. Edward is prone to overreaction. He is a vampire not God! Edward was so overprotective of Bella because he knew that she was an accident magnet. If Edward wasn't overprotective of her, Bella would have probably got raped and killed in that ally in Twilight. So please, don't act like his overprotective nature and overreaction did not help keep Bella alive. I can admit that Edward's over-protectiveness sometimes got out of hand. For example, when Edward had Alice "kidnap" Bella for a weekend while he went to hunt, he went way to far but Edward being the man he is corrected his mistake. Edward came to Bella, admitted that he was wrong, apologized, promised that he would never do it again, and actually kept his promise. (Eclipse chapter 8 page 189) He also admitted that he was being prejudice and told Bella that he was going to trust her judgement and stop trying to stop her from seeing Jacob because he didn't want it to cause a wedge between them. This is one of the many areas where Jacob lacks, Jacob constantly apologized to Bella over and over again but then he would turn around and do the same thing two seconds later. Once Edward apologized to Bella he meant it and never did it again. Also, Jacob was so manipulative that it's sickening. He manipulated Bella into thinking that he was really going to kill himself so that she would kiss him. Edward never did anything like that! But yet Edward is so controlling and manipulative? Jacob didn't even want Bella to go save Edward, Jacob begged Bella to just stay with him. If Jacob was in a situation where he was about to die and Bella was trying to save him Edward would not stand in her way. If anything he would want to help just because it is what Bella wants.


I could seriously go on for days talking about this but I think I've made my opinion clear ( & my pizza that I ordered is here :) lol) Edward & Bella forever.

Your AWESOME, do you know that?! The entire time I was reading your comment I was like: " Finally someone spoke up and said what I have been too busy or too lazy or 'just didn't give a crap about what people said, because I knew the truth that they were denying' to write. I agree with you 1000 Percent! You go girl! 

Team Edward Forever! xD

You are AWESOME as well and thank you! I had to take time to write this because I get so irritated when people try to act like Edward is such a bad person and that Edward and Bella should not be together. They're fictional characters and they can't defend themselves so I make it my responsibility to defend them. :)


I could've made my comment a lot longer, more structured, grammar error free, and provided more evidence from the text but like I said my pizza came. It was feeding time for the human lol.


Team Edward Forever!

xD I know right? I get too pissed when I see them making Edward look bad...I mean...they never put in according that Jacob never really fell in love with Bella, he simply loved her, but the strong bond between them was only because of one reason...that Bella was going to give birth to his imprint. If it wasn't for Bella and Edward, Jacob would have always lived with the imagination that he's in love with Bella. And plus, Jacob could have been a little more polite to Edward, like Edward was polite with him. It wouldn't have hurt him to be so, but whats done is done. xD 


I hoped you enjoyed that Pizza! 


Team Edward Forever!


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