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So I was messing around on Polyvore and I ended up making this;

Which then raised my question- Which Bella?


With Edward she is the serious in love teenager, the one who has to watch out for danger but who worries about everything. But with Edward, she is at her most happiest; despite the danger that lurks around the corner.

With Jacob she is free to do what she wants, not taking into consideration what might happen, she has almost nothing to worry about. But when she is with him, she misses Edward like part of her heart faulters without his presence. Yet when she is with Edward she is constantly worrying over Jacob and how he is depressed- because of her.


So, which Bella do you prefer?

I am on the fence. She is free with Jacob, no worries but the crippling pain she feels when Jake professes his love for her, and how she loves him...but not enough.

But she is happiest with Edward, she can relax with him because, he's there.


I posted this in Bella because most of us have a team (like me- Edward hardcore) but this means that we can have a variety of answer, Switzerland! :D

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OK! then maybe he did fall in love with Bella before...but still...if it wasn't for Bella and Edward he wouldn't have found his true love! Which is Renesmee! 


And you gotta admit that I'm right!

I was accused of being ruffy when i pointed some of what you did out. Jacob always did apologize but never meant it. Just like in eclipse when bella was freezing edward didn't like it but in the end let jacob keep her warm. then jake wanted edward to leave bella again so that he could have a chance. edward would have left if he had believed that it was what bella truly wanted. i liked what he said though. i will not leave again and put bella through that. leave it to jacob to also make sure that edward saw what bella whent through when he was gone and what he did before the fight hoping that edward would hit  or hurt her in some way. when she went to see him after he was injured the first thing jake asked was well what did he do to you? jacob didn't care that bella was very much in love with edward. he felt that bella should choose him over edward. in new moon bella told jake that she loves edward and that her heart belongs to him edward. i should have worded some of my responses better but like you two i am tired of people picking on edward. the thing about jake is he was in love with love. he didn't know what true love was. bella had always said that she looked at jake as a brother and nothing more but  you know how some are. glad it was worded better then i did!!!!100% edward and bella
edward in eclipse had even told jake that if it wasn't for him trying to take his reason for living that he could possibly be friends with hin and in bd ended up looking aat jake as a son.
jake was to young to know what true love was or he would have treated edward better cause he would have known that he was about to have another best friend

Everyone's input is AWESOME!
Did not see this question becoming so heated!

I am totally Edward and Bella by the way! 


i will say to the one she love the most...EDWARD...coz even if bella will be on danger we can assure that edward will be there,,if they truly love each other they will protect each other,,,

I go with Jacob because Bella can just relax and not worry about anything with him. And she can have long serious talks without kissing him or him commenting on how cute she is half way through their conversation.And they will be completly honest with each other in stead of spear their feelings.


She always would worry how to not anger him or his friends.. Look at Emily and then say how easy and careless is life among werewolves.

And, sorry to say but they were not completely honest with each other. Bella was hiding essential things from Jacob (such as deal with Volturi) and Jacob pretended be her friend although he dreamed about more and manipulated Bella to get her.

Well, Edward wasn´t always a gentleman either so I would call it even...

Really? As I remember, he was gentleman always. At least Edward knows that "no" means "no".

First of all, leaving a girl because a "brother" hurt her = hello, was he stupid? Be with her, protect her, Edward could have protect her and Jacob knew that... Maybe that´s why he is mad at him in New Moon...

Second: desabling (don´t know if that is good written) a car = overprotective and overobsessive personality...


First - I can't see how that accident was Edwards fault. Bella already did spend time with Jasper in Twilight, remember? Nothing happened then. Actually Edward save her.


As for destroying car, we already discussed it many times. What overprotective reaction if Edward knows there are danger around about what Bella does not care and he can not save her because of treaty plus she is willing to visit boy who has sexual thoughts about her.

Very normal reaction from Edwards side...


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