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So I was messing around on Polyvore and I ended up making this;

Which then raised my question- Which Bella?


With Edward she is the serious in love teenager, the one who has to watch out for danger but who worries about everything. But with Edward, she is at her most happiest; despite the danger that lurks around the corner.

With Jacob she is free to do what she wants, not taking into consideration what might happen, she has almost nothing to worry about. But when she is with him, she misses Edward like part of her heart faulters without his presence. Yet when she is with Edward she is constantly worrying over Jacob and how he is depressed- because of her.


So, which Bella do you prefer?

I am on the fence. She is free with Jacob, no worries but the crippling pain she feels when Jake professes his love for her, and how she loves him...but not enough.

But she is happiest with Edward, she can relax with him because, he's there.


I posted this in Bella because most of us have a team (like me- Edward hardcore) but this means that we can have a variety of answer, Switzerland! :D

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Okay I admit that, but when did he do it to her face?

"Better you be dead than with Edward."


Forced kiss.


Manipulated kiss.


Constantly insulting Bellas friends.



-_- He was angry. Look Edward wasn't a little angel either.

Like I said earlier, about team switzerland, well, just look at my comment.

I know Edward was not angel.


No one from them was.

Seriously, they were all a bit violent...

Hello: werewolf! If they are eternal enemies, it's normal how Jacob reacts. Those kissed were indeed a bit weird, but it is true that Bella loves Jacob! As a friend and as something more then a friend. Stephenie wrote it that way.

Besides: Edward wasn't nice too!!!!


And again I agree nikki!! TEAM SWITZERLAND ON THIS PAGE!!!

Yes! It is normal. I have to say this, the reason why I'm Switzerland but mainly Jacob. EDWARD is the best choice for Bella, while JACOB is the best general choice for an ordinary girl, and even Bella herself said, "If things were normal and Edward and I didn't meet, Jacob and I would be perfect together.

 End of story on teams!

In eclipse. Jacob said " Better you be died than one of them." Then Bella said "I cant belive you said that, Edward was right I shouldnt have come"

I think both because edward makes her the most happiest and with jacob she doesnt have to hide. She can be free to do whatever she wants.


I have to agree. Both of them make her happy in different ways no matter what everyone else thinks.

I am tired to discuss but how Jacob made her happy? In New moon Bella did dangerous things in order just to hear Edwards voice and during Eclipse she was unhappy about Jacobs suffering and felt guilt.

Well, one phrase: NO COMMENT!!! I'm tired of this. From now on I'm Team Switzerland, okay?!!!


Why does this remind me of something :p


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