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So I was messing around on Polyvore and I ended up making this;

Which then raised my question- Which Bella?


With Edward she is the serious in love teenager, the one who has to watch out for danger but who worries about everything. But with Edward, she is at her most happiest; despite the danger that lurks around the corner.

With Jacob she is free to do what she wants, not taking into consideration what might happen, she has almost nothing to worry about. But when she is with him, she misses Edward like part of her heart faulters without his presence. Yet when she is with Edward she is constantly worrying over Jacob and how he is depressed- because of her.


So, which Bella do you prefer?

I am on the fence. She is free with Jacob, no worries but the crippling pain she feels when Jake professes his love for her, and how she loves him...but not enough.

But she is happiest with Edward, she can relax with him because, he's there.


I posted this in Bella because most of us have a team (like me- Edward hardcore) but this means that we can have a variety of answer, Switzerland! :D

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I agree with you on that one, Jeri Meraz. Even if Edward did return and Bella choose Jacob instead of the l... I mean Edward, she did even get happy because she saw her future when they kissed on the mountain top. So I also prefer with Jacob... Because she's more free which leads again to the very and too overprotective Edward Cullen.
Conclusion: I like Bella with Jacob!!!

But this is just my opinion.

Thanks for you guys input (:

I really like knowing other peoples opinion on this :D
Thankyou for writing on here :D

I love this concept!!! It's what I write most about: Bella and Jacob!

I loved writing on this concept!! :D


Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock and let's have fun (like watching Twilight, Pink Panther, Harry Potter, House of Anubis movies & Glee, Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Body of Proof, Cold Case series)

hate to remind but jacob was the same way about controling. at least when edward apologized it was heartfelt unlike jacob. he always made and did the same thing time and again. jacob constantly hurt her. yes edward did to a point but he didn't want bella to be a vampire. he wanted her to grow old. it was her choice in the beginning and then necessary in the end. so she could have still done human things. jacob was more controling then edward. sorry but it was edward that told her you don't have to ask my permission for anything. he also understood about the relationship and was will to let bella go unlike jacob who all the was even in eclipse tried to play on her emotion and hope that edward would hurt her.
didn't mean to seem ruffy. I am sorry about that. Just wanted to remind you of a few things. I know that alot of people seem to think that bella belongs to jacob. just trying to remind everyone what happened. They said that he gave her the freedom that she should have but they seem to forget that jacob was more posseve over bella. in new moon when all she was going to do was save edward, jacob became stay for me and ok go save him but come back to me. he was more possiseve then edward ever dreamed of. sorry not meaning to sound all ruffy just trying to remind that jacob was worse when it came to bella then edward. jacob didn't want to give her the choice but tried to force her to choose him over edward. sorry not trying to sound ruffy or anything. just reminding what he was like even in bd before she was changed and then said that he would still be willing to take her as a vampire too.

Suddenly it sounds more romantic to me... Sorry, but it does to me. But hey... my opinion... :D

Yours is clear. Wouldn't that be some sort of romance? A werewolf with a VAMPIRE (=not half human, half vampire)...

I do not understand how trying to ruin stable relationship could be romantic. 'Disgusting' would be more precious.
Hey, everyone his it´s own opinion... Team Jacob, so you can´t change my mind... I used to be Switzerland, but Eclipse was so deep and tragic for Jacob that I turned to that team...
Deep? Tragic??

Yep, how would you be when you love someone, but that person doesn´t love you back? And then Jacob running away...

Look, I know that Bella is with Edward, Jacob got Renesmee (another great thing about BD *sarcasm*) and Bella got to be a vampire

whoopie!!! Everybody happy...

Such things happen. It's not tragedy yet. Now, if two love each other but can not be together...


BTW, if Jacob indeed loves Bella, he should be happy about her being happy, right?

I think she should be with jacob because she can do alot of human stuff and still worry free.


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