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Personally New Moon was my favorite book, even though it's lack of Edward. But there is one thing I don't get why don't people like New Moon? Which book is your favorite?

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people dont like new moon becuase well for the teeny wanna be twihards lets face i dont wann start anything but common
some twihards are fake back to my answer for that specific group they dont like the book becuase Edward is not in it.
and thats sad becuase theres more to the book
at first i was relunctant to read it becuase of Edward i was like omg his not going to be on it
but then i realized that Edward was in it like wow he controlled bellas everything and then Jake and well u know
so i do like New Moon it was a wild roller coaster i was mad then i was sad then i was sad then i was like wow then when alice came i was happy then when edward was about to bust the romeo i was like i knew he wasnt going to die but it was still exciting
well i like new moon but my favorite is Twilight the first boook why becuase its the beginning
and i dont know why i just the mystery of it u know she a human his a vamp and their willing to die for each other
but what can i say i love the whole saga all four books including the half of Midnight sun.
You are so funny!! I know exactly what you mean. I liked Twilight the best as well. I cried like a baby when Edward left her in New Moon and flicked to the back to make sure he came back. But reading it was great. So,
1) Twilight/Midnight Sun
2) Eclipse
3) Breaking Dawn (only just because they finally get to go on a "Honeymoon")
4) New Moon
so is new moon your least favorite because its too sad?
I know what you mean by crying than Edward left. i felt like I was gona die that moment, I actually felt pain an I thuoght my life was over as Bellas. But my favourite I think would be The Midnighy Sun. such an unimmaginable love :) makes me feel loved by Edward too :)

PS I knoe I;m crazy :)
i love new moon, and i totally agree the book grips you emotionally in so many ways. its more of an emotional roller coaster than the other three i think.
Breaking Dawn. Even though it means that it is the end of the Saga. I still like it the most. It shows how much all the caracters have adapted through the series. Also it focuses more on the relationship of Edward and Bella. Plus she gets turned into a vampire and has Renesmee.
I loved Breaking Dawn it's just when she switched to Jacobs perspective at first I was like no this can't be happening. But as I reread it I noticed that it only makes the book better.
that was also my reaction when they switched to JAcob. I was thinking...... wait a minute I don't care about his perspective!!!!! I want Edwards!!!!! In the end I love seeing Bella & Edwards love through his eyes! I also loved hearing his thoughts as his heart softened for the Cullen's. How he struggled with staring to care for them and his inbred hate for Vampire's.
Ya I agree, but I was totally happy when his POV was over! :) I was happy with Midnight Sun, a look in Edwards head! Yes!!!!!!!!
My favorite Book though is Breaking Dawn, then Twilight, New Moon, & then Eclipse
I also can not wait to read the rest of Midnight Sun! I loved the first couple of hundred pages and thirst for more

I like the happy endings in Breaking Dawn. I truly feel that everyone ended up with who they were meant to be with. I never thought that Bella and Jacob should end up together.I was glad that Jacob found the love he was willing to give. But mainly I was so happy for Edward to get all that he wanted!!! I felt like he deserved the world & all that is good in it! So I liked seeing him unwind through it all and have it end up beautiful!

I think Edward was basically all through New Moon. because of Bella's Love always had him present. But I will admit that I couldn't wait until she would get to him in Italy! I also let out anexhale when Alice finally came back. I so relate to the Cullen's that I prefer to have them involved.
I agree!
totally agree with you !


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