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Personally New Moon was my favorite book, even though it's lack of Edward. But there is one thing I don't get why don't people like New Moon? Which book is your favorite?

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I thought Eclipse had a lot of action. There was more fighting.
It wasn't my Favortie either.
For me it was Eclipse......I completely cried when he purposed to her and gave her the ring.......I just loved that book for some reason.

I liked them all for each their own reason, but Eclipse just was the one I liked the most.
Happy tears, right?
of course :-) happy tears!
I love all the books of Twilight as well as New Moon. It was the best one ever since it spoke about Bella's depression, and how Jacob became her true loyal friend. Also, even though it lack parts of Edward he was never missing from Bella's mind. This is what kept the storyline interesting. The fact that Edward said she would forget him to the point where he didn't exist was not true. Her pain was proof enough that he did exist in her world so therefore Edward was never lost as long as Bella kept him close to her painful heart. This is what managed to bring her aching soul to save him. The thought of losing him for a second time eternally was not going to repair her pain. This is why she opted to go to Italy with Alice to save his life, and reject Jacob's love. Jacob was only a person of interest to help sooth her soul from the pain Edward left behind. Jacob knew Bella would never look at him or love him like she did for Edward. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn are excellent books to read. I read them all in 5 days. I began once again this weekend and now I'm on Eclipse once again in just 3 days. Yes, I do agree all the books are my favorites, however, my best one would be Breaking Dawn the culminating point of Edward & Bella's love for one another. Yadlender2007
I get what you mean, but Jacob want the greatest friend at the end of New Moon:(
Breaking dawn was my fav. i loved all the books but it just seems that evey page in breaking dawn was action packed or drama filled. i could not put it down! i think steph did a very good job wrapping everything up in a none boring way
Ya that book was never slow, there was a great new turn or twist when you turn the page!
I could'nt put it or Twilight either one down!Breaking Dawn was my favorite followed by Twilight!
Ya, the first time I read the books I was definatley in a can't put it down phase.
i loved the last one breaking dawn !! i just wish thier was another i have read them all more than i can count but i love the happy ending.or the happy beginning i dont think you can stop a love story this strong.i believe thier will be more i dont want to spoil it for anyone but i believe that you just cant not continue this story.


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