The Twilight Saga

The first person says something from one of the four books and the next person says which book it is from

person1:Bella jumps off a cliff
person2:New Moon
Bella learns to use her sheild
person3:Breaking Dawn
Carlisle helps heal Seth

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breaking dawn

Bella realizes that she loves Jacob
new moon

alice gives bella a pedicure n paints her toe nails a blood red color
breaking dawn????

rennee and phil come
no its eclipse lol
breaking dawn

bella takes a walk in the forest alone n seats on a log.
newmoon??? not sure

bella rides a motercycle
new moon

Edward breaks the head board
no its twilight

breaking dawn

august 13
Eclipse? I think it was probably to Jacob.
I'm pretty sure that she quotes the Simpsons to Jacob in Breaking Dawn when he comes to see her & she is sitting on the couch. Is that right?

Bella upsets Jacob by telling him she is planning on being changed after graduation.
(At least I got Jacob right!) Yours I do know...Eclipse

Bella gets the red one, and Jacob gets the black one


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