The Twilight Saga

The first person says something from one of the four books and the next person says which book it is from

person1:Bella jumps off a cliff
person2:New Moon
Bella learns to use her sheild
person3:Breaking Dawn
Carlisle helps heal Seth

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Breaking Dawn

Edward asks Bella to marry him

Bella gets the red one, and Jacob gets the black one
eclipse or new moon ??????????????
new moon :)

jacob fights with rosalie
yeah Those were the colors of their bikes.

They all were jumping over the river,
breaking dawn

esme tells edward (playfully) not to show off



The vampires think the sunlight will hurt them.

the short second life of bree tanner


Bella meets Emily.

New Moon


Harry has a heart attack

That was in the Twilight movie, but not in the book.


Leah wouldn't eat the food or wear the clothes Esme offered her.

breakind dawn


jacob turns alfa


Breaking Dawn


J Jenks


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