The Twilight Saga

due to the pure emotion mine has to be new moon, then in order twilight, eclipse, breaking dawn,
i just found that the writing was so great in new moon, the description and the pure passion just sucked me right in, i felt bellas pain, and fear, and then the happiness when the reunion happens, and the honesty they share.

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idk if i can choose..mayb breaking dawn..&& new moon..
1. New Moon
2. Eclipse
3. Breaking Dawn
4. Twilight

I'm not really sure why I just love the books in this order. :)
I can't choose what i love most Twilight, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn! But if i had to i would put it in this order:
Eclipse- It just makes my heart race the whole entire time and edward is so awesome and jacob is so tense!
Breaking Dawn- Happy endings and i love nessie and i love Edward in Bella in that book soooo much its so romantic.
Twilight- I'm obsessed. This was the happiest time of both of there lives, and the hapiest time for me. that is all.
New Moon- I'm sad that Edward is gone but its so emotional and the flashbacks and whenever she thinks about the cullens it just so emotionally powerful and i love the end and the volturi and the reununion so much.
WHY must i have to choose?
Breaking Dawn cuz they are finally having a happy ending and jacob can't ruin it anymore =)
I guess my favorite would how they came in order. I loved the twilight to set up new moon. then how it sets up to eclipse to breaking dawn.
I agree with you with regards to "New Moon" was my favorite and then "Twilight." But Eclipse was my least favorite so in third palce would be "Breaking Dawn."
i totally agree with u!

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
I like all the books I can't choose one I'm in love ffor the whole Twilight Saga!! :p
Eclipse because of the tent scene with Edward and Jacob. Then Breaking Dawn, New Moon, and Twilight.
I would have to say breaking dawn because they have a child and live happily ever after, but is that it!?
I know right, there has to be another book, they have to tell Jacob and Renesmee's story, and there is so much more to learn about the Volturi, and the rest of the Vampire's. Too many adventures left untold.
i love all the books but my fav is eclipse - i love all the interaction between belle and edward x


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