The Twilight Saga

due to the pure emotion mine has to be new moon, then in order twilight, eclipse, breaking dawn,
i just found that the writing was so great in new moon, the description and the pure passion just sucked me right in, i felt bellas pain, and fear, and then the happiness when the reunion happens, and the honesty they share.

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.,for me it's twilight,, it's because i found Bella and Edward so funny there (no offense guys),,
My favorite would have to be Twilight because I just can't get over Bella and Edward meeting and falling in
I'd say the same, Twilight is the one that really got me most - their meeting like you said and falling in love I just loved it so much and also cause Twilight is where I met and fell in love with Edward!
Breaking Dawn


New Moon

Eclipse - i just felt a little complicated emotions on reading Eclipse, im Sad for Jacob's feelings...but Happy for Edward and Bella...Jacob touched my heart on this book to be honest...sacrificing and everything as a (half) human being i can relate to him somehow in the real world countless Jacob are everywhere. But see, life isn't fair.
Definately for me would have to be breaking dawn, then eclipse, then twilight, and new moon. why is because all of the passion between them really come out in breaking dawn and it really reminds me of what i had. but why new moon is not my favorite is because i have been there and livng life like that is not any fun. In some way i know how she feels when your whole world leaves you. But I do love the fact that he comes back. I wish life was really like that.
My favorite is Breaking Dawn because everything, every detail, every emotion, every fear, all of it comes to an incredible culmination. What an incredible mix of characters, all of the vampires come into play. It is an incredibly strong and passionate book, and of course the girl finally gets her guy, and happy ending. What more could you want?
Twilight first because it's where we met and fell in love with Edward.
Then New Moon cause we get to know Jake, but I was so depressed while Edward was away, and he was away far too long...!
Eclipse, Jacob is kinda hot!
Breaking Dawn was my least fave, I was actually disappointed by how they finally got together on honeymoon and things kind of rushed and went crazy from then on....I had trouble feeling their happy ever after cause there was all this other stuff going on to distract them. But thats just me....


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