The Twilight Saga

apart from  the dreaming Edward Cullen which male would you want in the twilight saga

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I think (apart from Edward Cullen) EMMETT!!
Carlisle without a doubt
For sure it would be Emmett!! He's gorgeous funny and HOT!!!
Carlisle is my man, if I can't have Edward!!!
Emmett without question. He may not be as romantic as Edward but he makes me laugh which is just as important. Plus he is hot too.
I think Carlisle. He's so hot and he appears to be caring also or maybe Emmet. (Difficult to choose)
Besides Edward, I would take Emmett or Carlise!!!
If I was a teen this would be the best choice for the teens other than edward...very good choice..he is a sincere honest good boy
he definitely wouldn't choose an idiot!!! I would of preferred Seth imprint on Nessie to be honest. As an adult I would choose Carlisle after Edward but to me Seth is the equivalent of Carlisle. Just in a teen wolf body=-)
also Seth doesn't have the life experience yet, but that will come in time, especially now that Seth is no longer aging=-)
yeah seth would probably be my third choice and then carlisle and emmet. then maybe embry or jared cuz they r funny.


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