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apart from  the dreaming Edward Cullen which male would you want in the twilight saga

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As a Mom of 3 girls I would be so proud to have my daughter come home with Seth or Edward
apart from edward cullen . . . hmm thats a tough one. i'd say jasper. not the actor who plays jaspe, just jasper. DEFINITLY NOT JACOB! hes a total jerk. hes rude and obnoxious. if he counted i would tell u my imaginary vampire BF julius. hes smokin hot. lol, im crazy.
I agree about Jacob but he is better than Paul IMO
u are soooo rite jake is a jerk face
Definitely Emmet!!
ether Emmett or Alec ;)
apart Edward I would pick Jasper I think. :)
well Apart from edward i would say jacob
If i couldn't have Edward I think that I would have to choose Jasper because he is very caring and loving towards the people that are in his family and he is bery naughty and of course he is breath taking but not as breath taking as Edward
Most definitely Carlisle - very compassionate and caring. He always wants the best for his family.
Emmett and Carlisle


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