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Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see in the up coming "Breaking Dawn" movies?

Which Of The Totally New "Not Included In The Book" Scenes in  the Movie "Breaking Dawn' Would You Most Like To See?" 
Introduction: When Actor Peter Facineli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) was interviewed by "Showtime"  he was asked: "What has been the most fun about making the movies "Breaking Dawn?" He said envisioning the NEW SCENES. Peter explained that several "Totally new Scenes that weren't in the novel "Breaking Dawn" were going to be added into the movie. 
We "Twi-hards" know that Stephanie Meyer (one of the producers of the upcoming movies) had written scenes for the novel "Breaking Dawn" that had to be deleted because as she said "As I originally wrote it. The book was just way too long to publish.
Melissa Rosenberg (the screen writer for the movie series) joked that "Stephanie never uses a sentence when a paragraph can better convey her feelings. 
We also know that Stephanie worked on multiple "filler scenes," "To help me envision the story." Scenes that were never designed to be published. Some of the scenes, that she did consider for pulications can be found at her web site:
Also Melissa and Stephanie have created some totally new scenes in the past. The battle of the " New Vampires" versus the Werewolf's and the Cullens, for example was created for the movie "Eclipse."
ALSO: During Melisa's interview in Italy, she said that she had, had to recast Bella as a more agressive character. And that she planned on making even more changes in "Breaking Dawn." 
White Rose Discussion question: Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see added to the movies  "Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 ?" 
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I would like to see Rose and Emmett traviling to find their witnesses in the amazon. That would be awsome.
OK, please clear up your second to last comment for me....Bella was recast?  I'm confused because I thought Kristen is still filming.  I don't understand.  Please clarify.
Ok, I'm still not understanding.  After Bella "changes" her personality does change so I don't understand why they think that they are changing anything.  Have I missed something somewhere?
I believe they are talking about the changes from "Book Bella" to "Movie Bella".  The script writer (MR) has been making Movie Bella much stronger than Book Bella, and as a vampire (when Book Bella is finally strong) it will be interesting what MR does with this Bella.
I would love to see Alice what Alice saw that made her leave that cryptic message for Bella.  Also, I'ld love to see Alice and Jasper's journey and their search for an "unknown key" that would save Renessme and the Cullen Clan from the Volturi.
That would be cool, but scary.  I think Alice saw all of them being killed. :(
By the way,  I had heard that Betty White had been offered a role, but I never found out what role.  Does anyone here know which role they wanted her for?
I thought of another scene I'ld like to see.  I'ld love to see when Jacob phases in front of Charlie to prove to him that he is a werewolf and the legends of his tribe are true.  Poor mellow Charlie.  I'ld love to see him jump out of his skin.
That was my vote as well. :)
He won't scare like normal people. Bella is just like him when it comes to reality, So he will just be stunned insted of scared.

Jacob said he just about had a heart attack, and he still seemed pretty freaked out by Jacob when Charlie was at the Cullens with Bella.  

Poor Charlie. 

True, but can't you just see Billy's eyes getting wide and him stumbling backwards trying to get away from Jake? Well first he thought he was nuts for stripping in front of him, and I can picture him shying away and blushing then when Jake phases... poor Charlie. It just might be the first time he faints.


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