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Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see in the up coming "Breaking Dawn" movies?

Which Of The Totally New "Not Included In The Book" Scenes in  the Movie "Breaking Dawn' Would You Most Like To See?" 
Introduction: When Actor Peter Facineli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) was interviewed by "Showtime"  he was asked: "What has been the most fun about making the movies "Breaking Dawn?" He said envisioning the NEW SCENES. Peter explained that several "Totally new Scenes that weren't in the novel "Breaking Dawn" were going to be added into the movie. 
We "Twi-hards" know that Stephanie Meyer (one of the producers of the upcoming movies) had written scenes for the novel "Breaking Dawn" that had to be deleted because as she said "As I originally wrote it. The book was just way too long to publish.
Melissa Rosenberg (the screen writer for the movie series) joked that "Stephanie never uses a sentence when a paragraph can better convey her feelings. 
We also know that Stephanie worked on multiple "filler scenes," "To help me envision the story." Scenes that were never designed to be published. Some of the scenes, that she did consider for pulications can be found at her web site:
Also Melissa and Stephanie have created some totally new scenes in the past. The battle of the " New Vampires" versus the Werewolf's and the Cullens, for example was created for the movie "Eclipse."
ALSO: During Melisa's interview in Italy, she said that she had, had to recast Bella as a more agressive character. And that she planned on making even more changes in "Breaking Dawn." 
White Rose Discussion question: Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see added to the movies  "Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 ?" 
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Jake almosed ripped his dad up when he phased the first time just because he said he looked weird. Charlie Might be freaked out but he will get over it and go on with his life as if nothing happend.


Call me stupid, but who is Melisa?  Sorry, but when it comes to the movies I can't remember who all the directors, writers, producers are.
Hmmmm.......well..... I wonder if she then is responsible for how Bella is portrayed so poorly in the first two movies?  I thought it was bad directing.  Because if she is, she never wants to run into me.
The one time Bella tells Edward she loves him in NM almost wasn't in there either.  Kristen added it herself when they did reshoots/pick ups in post production.

I don't remember that scene from NM.  It must be really fast.  

There are a lot of scenes that I feel need changing/improving/better direction, but there is really one that every time I think about it makes me soooooooooo angry!  I guess I shouldn't be too judgmental.  If you've never experienced such soul-deep pain and loss then they wouldn't have any reference to draw on. 

I don't have the movie with me, but I thought it was when Edward takes her home after the birthday party.  When she asks him to kiss her, either before or after the kiss she said "I love you".
Melissa never has either one of them declare their love for each other in any of the movies!  The closest Melissa's come to letting them say, " I love you" is in New Moon just before Bella thought she was going to be killed by Laurent she says, "I love you, Edward." to herself.  Then the closest face-to-face is in Eclipse just after Bella kissed Jacob on the mountain and Edward said he understood because she loves Jake and she replies, "but I love you more."  and Edward says, "I know".  Not exactly a romantic declaration, you know.
Bells never said "I love you" to Edward in the book or the movie. She just said i want to be with you always.

NM pg 511-512

"The way I feel about you will never change. Of course I love you - and there's nothing you can do about it!" - Bella 


That is pretty much an "I love you" from Bella. 

Talking about Twilight.
Oh, I don't read Twilight very often so that is possibly true.
I'll just have to read it again. Thanks


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