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Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see in the up coming "Breaking Dawn" movies?

Which Of The Totally New "Not Included In The Book" Scenes in  the Movie "Breaking Dawn' Would You Most Like To See?" 
Introduction: When Actor Peter Facineli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) was interviewed by "Showtime"  he was asked: "What has been the most fun about making the movies "Breaking Dawn?" He said envisioning the NEW SCENES. Peter explained that several "Totally new Scenes that weren't in the novel "Breaking Dawn" were going to be added into the movie. 
We "Twi-hards" know that Stephanie Meyer (one of the producers of the upcoming movies) had written scenes for the novel "Breaking Dawn" that had to be deleted because as she said "As I originally wrote it. The book was just way too long to publish.
Melissa Rosenberg (the screen writer for the movie series) joked that "Stephanie never uses a sentence when a paragraph can better convey her feelings. 
We also know that Stephanie worked on multiple "filler scenes," "To help me envision the story." Scenes that were never designed to be published. Some of the scenes, that she did consider for pulications can be found at her web site:
Also Melissa and Stephanie have created some totally new scenes in the past. The battle of the " New Vampires" versus the Werewolf's and the Cullens, for example was created for the movie "Eclipse."
ALSO: During Melisa's interview in Italy, she said that she had, had to recast Bella as a more agressive character. And that she planned on making even more changes in "Breaking Dawn." 
White Rose Discussion question: Which new, "not in the book" scenes would you like to see added to the movies  "Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 ?" 
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Melisa is the screanwriter for the movies. Edward tells bella that he will love her every moment of forever in Eclipse, Bust he tells her he loves her before he takes off in New Moon.

I would love to see the scene where Jacob phases in front Charlie.  Billy Burke is fantastic and I can only imagine how he would handle this scene, I think it would be fantastic.  

Just for clarification they can easily imply Jacob's/Taylor's nakedness without having to actually showing anything. 

The wolves in the movie dont take their cloths off unless the know what is comming, like the newborn battle. The first time we see Leah phase, she just burst in to a wolf and took off. So Jake might just burst right after telling Charlie that he doesn't live in a normal world.
If you go back and read in Breaking Dawn Jake said he first stripped down in front of Charlie and he thought he was going crazy because Jake was taking off his close and saying he's a werewolf.  Then Jake phased in front of Charlie and he nearly had a heart attach.  I can understand seeing something like that if he turned into just an ordinary wolf, but the pack are Supper-Sized Wolves and that would scare the **** out of anyone.
Well if he didn't take his clothes off, then he would be naked when he phased back.  Either way if they do the scene they would simply imply nakedness.  We are smart people, we can figure it out without having to have proof.
Oh, of course.  Stephenie would never allow that, and they did it for Eclipse if you remember.  After the battle when Jacob got injured he phased back and was lying on the ground when Carlisle first checked him out.  Then the pack picked him up and took him home to Billy's.  You could tell he wasn't wearing anything, but they did it very tastefully.  I imagine they will treat the honeymoon scenes the same way.
Yes I thought that they did a good job with the injured Jacob, I was shocked when he phased back, but I still think it was well done.

I think I'd love to see: 1) Esme & Carlisle's love story right up to Carlisle presenting Esme with Isle Esme and their honeymoon.--> A perfect spot to do this could be as Edward and Bella travel in their boat as Isle Esme faintly appears on the horizon (-add a flashback to Carlisle and Esme remembering their honeymoon as they watch Edward and Bella leave in the getaway car); do a mirage-type special effect and "melt away" into the story of Carlisle & Esme ---be still my heart! Smiles!

2) Alice's life at the asylum and her change into a vampire, 3) Jacob's search for a girl to imprint upon and imprinting on Renesmee. 


Carlisle's and Esme's love story would be really sweet. :)
Yes, JJ. Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli don't get enough of the credit as they deserve. As I've said in a different discussion question, they show the successful love story between Esme & Carlisle. who are pivotal role models for Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullens! Peter and Elizabeth genuinely seem to like and respect each other's talents. They both try to make each other "look good" without one-up-personship! Bravo to them!
Hi all!   I thought of other nice scenes to add! It's been nice to finally see Rosalie's and Jasper's beginnings in Eclipse; we all want to see Alice's and Carlisle & Esme's stories added! Who's been forgotten? Dear lovable, sweet, brawny, and "got-your-back-'til-the-end," Emmet! He has a bit of ego over his muscles, yet his love and sincerity are so true! Yes, I know, it would be a quick flashback of him vs. the bear, but I'd love to see the look on his human face as he sees Rosalie fight the bear! I wonder how quickly did Emmet fall in love with the real Rosalie; not the vain Rosalie!? Now there's a real rescue reversal (smiles)!! Then show Rosalie as she falls-in-love with Emmet despite her vampire-nature and she carries him to Carlisle to be changed so Emmet can become hers! Wouldn't that be an intriguing juxtaposition into Rosalie's inner conflicts as a vampire who'd rather stay human, be married to a wonderful man, want children, loved to be admired by men and women alike, and a bit negative and envious about her brother Edward's love for Bella, who has so many choices that Rosalie no longer has!!

Hi Everyone! I just thought of some other major, terrific scenes I'd love to see!

1. Alice glimpsing Bella in Edward's future, but in 1 of 3 different ways:

a.) ... while Alice makes the wedding arrangements and/or dresses Bella with the help of Rosalie, Renee

       and Esme 

b.) ...Alice reminisces with Edward once more that Bella is The One for him; before Edward

      talks with Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett about the honeymoon!

c.) While Edward gazes at Bella on Charlie's arm for the wedding scene (-do

    a flashback of Alice's prediction of Bella's appearance in Edward's life!) 

2. Alice glimpsing and remembering Jasper coming into her life as she creates the wedding arrangements

    (she reminisces with Edward,); or, while she, Rosalie, Renee and Esme prepare Bella for the wedding!



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