The Twilight Saga

i love them all!1 but what movie do you think had the best edward hair do?!!!

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I still like it best in Twilight

i totally agree!

I like it best in Eclipse, followed by Twilight. 

Twilight, and maybe Eclipse :)

Breaking Dawn

i love them all too, but his hair looked the best in Twilight and Breaking Dawn.

Eclipse and then Twilight

I think looks hot with the spiky then very handsome with the smooth. So probably Twilight and Breaking Dawn

it goes like this, for me : Eclipse,(except for that training with wolves scene..ugh) New moon, Twilight, and then BD is last. I don't like his look for BD at all...hopefully it's better in part 2

his hair looks okay in new moon and eclipse, but it looks best in twilight and breaking dawn :)

just a month ago, i also thought about this topic...and i was bummed about the fact that they didn't maintain edward's hair in twilight. he was so hot there!

oooooooh ya!!!!!!!!


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