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I got bella! Its so true too. :)

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I don't agree! I totally love this story, the movies, the characters but i'm not that obsessed...and when i took this quiz i answered with what i think and feel, and not with what Bella would answer. And yes, i got Bella, but because sometimes i'm like her.
yay,I got Bella! :)
yaay i got bella .. XD ..
I wish I had gotten Carlisle. If it weren't for Carlisle none of this would have happened after all hes the reason for the other Cullens. Carlisle is caring and kind and puts everybody else in front of himself. Hes the head of the family a diplomat when it comes to dealing with others, look at how the vampires are willing to witness for him in BD or how he deals with James coven in Twilight and how he is with the werewolves in Eclipse and BD. He also has great self control to be vampire and a doctor.
I got Esme on this quiz. I got Allice on another one thats posted on my blog with a link to take it check that one out and see what U get.
I totally agree, and i think we all love Carlisle for what he is and what he has done, because without him we wouldn't have had the Cullens who are an essential part of the story.
it says im an alice but IDK? sometimes im so like Bella!
I got Bella! Great!
well i got esme...two other tests i took i was bella ...on one... and alice on the other
I know what you mean v.lynn I usually get Esme or Alice but the one I took a couple of days ago listed me as Bella because I try to find the good in everybody.
lol My BF from high school has that same b-day
I am Esme in every way. How sweet. I would like to be a little more exciting.
I got bella too


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