The Twilight Saga

I got bella! Its so true too. :)

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i like playing this quiz because i can express myself
i got bella in a row im happyut not a show off...
Whaaa ? alice .. I GOT ALICE ! yay
Alice is awsome Your lucky I wish I got Alice although I can't complain I got Esme and everybody loves Esme shes too nice not to love OH WAIT now I get it my husband was just telling me last night I am too nice.
I would say I similar to Esme. I protect and guard my family at all times. Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight
I too am like Esme I would do anything to protect my family.
who is this kate i got her but i have never heard of her is she in breaking dawn i have not read this one please reply and tell me who she is thank you
Yeah she is Tanyas sister (the Denali clan) you meet her in BD where she ... never mind I won't spoil it OK shes gifted she can do the equivelant to vampires as a taser to humans XD
I got Bella as its so true.
I got bella!


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