The Twilight Saga

The Whitlock Sanitarium is located on a remote island off the east coast.  Few people are aware of it's existence, but it's a highly proclaimed mental institution.  Little do they know, these patients aren't exactly clinically insane, but rather supernatural beings.  Inside the aged walls of the asylum no one is sure really what goes on and if they did, they wouldn't believe it anyway.  Government tests are constantly being performed on the patients and cruel and usually punishments are issued for those who don't follow rules.  How will you survive in the Whitlock Sanitarium?

Sanitarium Rules:

→Must be in room with lights off by nine o'clock. 

→No parties, drugs or alcohol. 

→No PDA or boys and girls in the same dorm. 

→No use of your powers.

→No outside interaction.

[Hint: these rules are meant to be broken!]


OOC Drama

Out of Character drama will not be accepted.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this term, out of character drama is arguments and fights that take place out of the story.  I will give you three strikes with this rules, because I understand that not everyone is gonna get along all the time. 

Equal Number of Characters

Have a boy for every girl you have and vice versa.  This rule helps even out the number of boys and girls and allows us to have more players to interact with.  If you make a boy and a girl, but only ever play your girl you'll be asked to leave the role play.


In this role play I ask that you write in paragraphs, which is at least four sentences.  Write about your character's surroundings, feelings and thoughts.  I'm not asking that much from you, so please try your best to right a substantial post. 


For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, God-Modding is where you control other character's within your post.  This only causes problems between people so I ask you don't God-Mod whatsoever. 

Grammar and Spelling

I understand that it's not always easy to have correct grammar and spelling; hell, I make mistakes all the time.  Just try to do your best and don't use any text talk. It's not easy to reply to someone who's grammar and spelling is unreadable. 


Character's Gif [Only one]

✓ Character Name, Age and Faceclaim:

✓ Species and Power(limited to three powers and nothing like mind control):

✓ Bio[at least a paragraph, include personality]: 

✓ Your Name, Age and Activity:

Simply what I should call you, your age and how often you're on.  If you're uncomfortable disclosing your real name or age, use a penname or skip over.




Claire Vincent is sixteen years old and is said to resemble Barbara Palvin 

✓ She's a fallen angel and abilities include precognition and time manipulation.  

✓ Claire's mother was an angel, but her father was a demon.  They committed an unthinkable act by conceiving a child together and as a punishment their daughter would forever live on earth.  She grew up in the arid deserts of Arizona, bouncing from foster homes until she was eventually adopted into a nice, wealthy family.  In school she was rather popular, but not everyone knew what to think of her.  Sometimes she was like her mother, bubbly and sweet and happy.  Other times she was like her father, cold, cunning and angry.  Her friends never knew what side of her to expect when she walked through the door in the morning. She's been in the Sanitarium for four months, brought in when she let her time manipulation slip.   

Played By: Aria Monroe 

Like this character? Sorry, she's taken.



✓ Foster Chambers is seventeen years old and is said to resemble Francisco Lachowski

✓ He's a vampire and his powers include fire and water manipulation. 

✓ Foster has been a vampire for twenty years and he remembers the night he was turned quite clearly.  He had been out late drinking that night and instead of coming home and fighting with his father, like usual, he came home with to house on fire.      His brother's body was being drain of blood right in front of him while another vampire through his mother's body into the flames, already drained.  The vampires bit and turned him, leaving him there confused and disoriented.  For years he wandered around the world recklessly drinking the blood of humans and drowning his sorrows in women and alcohol.  He's able to control his thirst, but usually he chooses not to.  He's good at luring people in with his charming facade, but he's a deeply troubled man and he can be as cold as ice sometimes.  

Played By: Aria Monroe 

Like this character? Sorry, he's taken. 


Sage Norman is seventeen years old and is said to resemble a tunblr girl.
✓Shape shifter, can change her appearance in a blink, inhuman strength and speed
✓ Sage realized she had powers at a young age (5 or 6 she doesnt remeber the details). One day when things didnt go her way, she threw a classic fit. Except when Sage threw a fit, she ended up killing her mother. Disgusted with her, Sage's father put her in the care of her Aunt and Uncle who mostly ignored her. This space allowed Sage to develop not only a very confident and independent character, but her powers as well. Shes learning to control shape shifting but has a lot of training ahead of her before she can master it. Sage can often be a bit cocky and very flirtatious. If she sees something she wants, she gets it. End of story.
Played By: NotYourAverageBeauty
Like this character?  Sorry, she's take

Zachary (Zac) Davis is nineteen and is said to resemble Zac Efron.
✓ Vampire, the usual stuff plus mind reading and erasing(only sometimes)
✓ Zac is a classic womanizer. He gets chicks. Simple as that. This wouldnt be that bad if he didnt take advantage of his looks and abilities for his own vampire desires. His favorite hobbies are drinking from attractive girls. People started to catch on when girls would return from dates with bandaids on their neck , no memory of how it happened, but insisting that they had an awesome time. Girls are warned to stay away from Zac, but in the end, few can resist. However, things arnt all fun and games with Zac. Even though Zac enjoys his party life, he often feels misunderstood and alone.
Played By: NotYourAverageBeauty
Like this character?  Sorry, he's taken. 


✓ Rayne Hastings is seventeen years old and is said to resemble Crystal Reed

✓ She's a werewolf & fallen angel hybrid, her power include the ability to shift into a werewolf, and her angel gift includes teleportation.

✓  Rayne was grew up in a somewhat broken home. Her mother was a fallen angel and her father was a werewolf. When her mother was giving birth to her brother, her mother was killed by the inner beast of her brother. Her brother lived but was soon killed by a few hunters who hunted her kind. She was forced by her father to run as far as she could from the home so that the hunters couldn't track her, but that's when everything went downhill. It's been three weeks since she arrived at the sanitarium and it has been hell. 

Played By: sail. (Sage)

Like this character?  Sorry, she's taken


✓ Carter Jacobs is eighteen years old and resembles a tumblr boy.

✓ He is a warlock and he has the ability to cast hundreds to thousands of spells.

✓ Carter is quite a young man, he was born in the 1930's time period and he stopped aging after his eighteenth birthday. He grew out without a family. He raised his younger sister, Selena until she was also eighteen and after that, she left him, alone. She had left in the middle of the night while Carter was asleep, leaving nothing but a note: 'Carter, I love you so much, and thank you for being there for me, but I need to be on my own now.' What he didn't know was that she was in love with a twenty-two year old man who was actually a vampire. She had run off with him and Carter hasn't heard from her since. One evening a government agent had witnessed Carter cast a spell and that's when he was taken into custody of the sanitarium. It has been 22 months now that he's been here.

Played By: sail. (Sage)

Like this character?  Sorry he's taken.


✓ Elyse Carter is a sixteen year old girl who is said to resemble Selena Gomez

✓ She's a werewolf, her only ability is to shift in a wolf.

✓ Elyse was born and raised in the Russian forest. Her family was very poor, she had lived in the forest until she was fourteen and then her family moved to the United States, she wasn't familiar with anything there, the language was different, the environment was different. Everything was different. Her parents were welcomed to a wealthy wolf pack and given lots of money, so for a year she was rich, then she was captured. She has a thick, strong Russian accent, but it sound so elegant and soothing with her voice. She is kind of shy and quiet since she's never had a friend before, but her beautiful personality shines through that. She has been in the institute for barely two months. 

Played By: sail. (Sage)

Like this character?  Sorry, she's taken.

✓ Vincent Roberts is nineteen years old and is said to resemble a tumblr boy. 

✓ He's a demonic angel, so a fallen angel with demonic powers. He  has demonic abilities to cause pain to someone with his mind and hand motions. (Like in Supernatural)

✓ Vinny was raised as a New Yorker until he was ten then his family moved out to Colorado to live in a forest, this was after Vincent's powers were coming in. They needed to keep him from people. Not knowing what he was doing he accidently killed his father, the one who wanted to protect him, when he was fifteen. Vinny had to run after his mother found out. She was so depressed. So he left, he went back to the east coast and when he was ambushed, his powers were unvailed when he was seventeen and the government hunted him for a year before they could catch him and take him to Whitlock. It has been 14 months since Vincent was put into the sanitarium, a painful 14 months. Before Vincent was captured, he was an extreme ladies man. He still is. Girls have fallen head over heels for him, for his looks and his confidence. He's very, very flirtatious and at any chance he get he will flirt. Especially with  Claire. 

Played By: sail. (Sage)

Like this character?  Sorry he's taken.

✓ Vienna Belle is nineteen years old and is said to resemble Megan Fox.

✓ She's a shapeshifter.  Her abilities include shifting into any sort of animal, but her main form is a black cat.

✓ Vienna has almost always been a quiet girl.  Growing up, she lived with a physically and emotionally abusive set of parents and eventually she became numb to the pain.  Most of her school life she was picked on, threatened and made fun of, leaving her insecure and even more lonely.  She always had one friend though, her name was Amelia and she was a very odd girl.  But she was a shape-shifter just like Vienna and was able to show her the ends and out of her kind.  When she reached high school she blossomed into the woman she is today, but she was still desperately shy and awfully nervous. She met one boy though, one she gave her heart to.  She thought Liam was perfect.  He was beautiful and charming and funny, but he when he found out she was a shape-shifter he freaked and immediately turned her into Whitlock.  She's been in for eighteen months, but she's only glad she doesn't have to deal with the people of her past.

Played By: Aria Monroe 

Like this character? Sorry, she's taken.

✓ James Benson is seventeen years old and is said to resemble Dave Franco. 

✓ He's a werewolf and his powers include shifting into a wolf.  

✓ James was born in Liverpool, England.  His family was awfully wealthy and he lived a very luxurious lifestyle until he shifted for the first time.  It was late one night and his parents had guest over.  They were all sitting in the parlor, drinking a bit a wine and suddenly his body began to convulse and then he was a werewolf.  In the process he had killed two people.  His little sister and his father's best friend.  That's when they disowned him.  Eventually, he moved to the United States where he played music on the streets for money.  James was never apart of a pack, really.  He barely shifted in fear he might kill another person, but the one night he did, he was captured and taken to the asylum.  He's been here for six months. 

Played By: Aria Monroe 

Like this character? Sorry, he's taken.

✓ Kylara Holland is eighteen years old and is said to resemble Shelley Hennig.

✓ She is a witch. Her abilities include casting spells, telekinesis, channeling, etc. (Like in Vampire Diaries). 

✓ Ironically Kylara grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. She has heard about the Salem Witch Trials her whole life, but she never really believed in it. That was until she was thirteen. Ky set her house on fire. With her mind. Her mother explained everything to her. Her family comes from a long line of witches. After that Kylara and her family moved to New York. Kylara learned how to control her abilities. She is carefully when she usuals them because she knows there are people out there who want her dead or captured. She slipped up recently when she used her abilities to save someone getting mugged in an alleyway. She was captured shortly after that. Ky has been at the sanitarium for two days. Kylara is very subborn. She speaks her mind which often lands her into trouble. She's bitter.

Played By: Stella

Like this character? Sorry, she's taken. 

✓ Kit Thatcher is nineteen years old and is said to resemble Logan Lerman.

✓ He is a phoenix. He possess the ability to incinerate things through touch and is immune to conventional methods of killing humans. He can also live very long. (Like in Supernatural). 

✓ Kit grew up on opposite sides of the world. California and Australia. For half of the year he lived with his father in California and the other half with his mother in Australia. That is until his mother died when he was nine. After his mother's death he became angry and bitter. This is what is believed to have caused his phoenix gene to become dominate. He was petting his dog one day when it completely incinerated. Kit was mortified. He was scared that it would happen again. And it did. With a boy. Kit got jumped one night on his way home. As soon as he touched the boy he turned into a pile of ash. Kit ran away, afraid. This was when he was caught and brought to the sanitarium. That was 20 months ago. Since then he has escaped once, only to be recaptured. He wears gloves in fear of killing anyone he touches. Kit is sarcastic. He doesn't like getting close to people in fear of losing them. 

Played By: Stella

Like this character?  Sorry, he's taken. 

Katerina Bonewyle is 18/663 years old and is said to resemble Nina Dobrev.

✓ Vampire(kind from the vampire diaries, minus the mind control/compulsion) . Normal Vampire powers, And she can make a person doubt themselves through her words or her touch. plus to add to that type of ability, she can somewhat influence someone.

✓ Katerina was born in 14th Century England to a Bulgarian father and a French mother. She grew up a upper middle class spoiled only child, and was greatly sought after by the men of her village. When she was 18 years old, the black death hit her village, and nearly the entire population was wiped out. She soon fell sick to the plague, after he entire family was dead, and was turned and saved by a man who claimed he loved her. But Katerina only loved herself, and after she was a vampire for about 3 years she killed her own maker, and never looked back. in the mid 1400s, after she slaughtered nearly an entire village which had witches in it, they have been hunting her down, and their descendants still wish to seek revenge on her and seek her out. Katerina is manipulative, selfish, somewhat mean and flirty at times. She loves to play with people lives and to make games out of things, but in the end she only cares about herself, and Damon, although she would still sacrifice him is she had to. Even through all this though she wishes to find love and does have a small hiden caring side

 Played by Faith Lehane

Like this character?  Sorry, she's taken. 

Damon De Saugne is 19/175 years old and is said to resemble Paul Wesley.

✓ Vampire( Same as Katerina). Basic vampire abilities, plus he can influence animals

✓ Damon was turned 175 years ago in italy, and was a poor farm boy who Katerina took pity on because of his daily abuse. Him and Katerina are like siblings and he is very protective of her, convinced that she has a redeeming side. He is kind, and can always pick out the good points in a person with a easy going nature to him

 played by :Faith Lehane

Like this character?  Sorry, he's taken. 

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v i n c e n t ;
he chuckles when she doesn't reply, just smiles. he pulls chair around to her side of the table and looks over at her, "Oh come on gorgeous, I know you're not shy." He laughs and looks around for the nurses who all seem to be discussing something in the other room, completely oblivious to the fact Austin Rivent and Alison Brek are making out in the middle of the cafeteria....again. He rolls his eyes, "You know they have got to be the must disgusting couple I've ever seen in my entire life. he smirks and snaps his fingers, watch the two as a nurse walks in to bust them again. Vinny loves his powers sometimes. He looks back over at Claire and snaps his fingers again as the three people leave the cafeteria.

Claire smiled at Vincent's mischief and watched the show before turning her head to look him in the face. Teasingly and not bothering to answer his question, she asked, "You sure are a cocky bastard, aren't you?"  Claire felt like playing games today, games that would give her the answers she so desperately wanted.  And besides, she enjoyed playing with boys' hearts every once in a while.  You could think her father for that. 

James smiled at Katerina as the descended down the staircase, quietly.  He was really beginning to like Katerina, but something in his mind was still warning him.  Maybe it was his werewolf instinct, warning him to keep away from the enemy... but it didn't exactly feel like animal instinct.  Looking at her from the side, he wondered what her story was and suddenly was determined to find out.  As they reached the bottom of the staircase, James peeked around, finding the main hall surprisingly empty.  "Oh wow,"  He mumbled, strolling towards the doors, but as he took his first step the alarms began to blare. 

The second the alarms start to blare. Katerina Grabbed James arm and dragged him into the first empty room she saw with her speed, then locked the door behind them "great, this place is just what i needed."she joked slightly, leaning against the inside of the door. She could hear footsteps approaching the hallway with her advanced hearing, and she kept her talking voice quiet 

James halfed smiled over at her, but he was still rather tense as he recalled the first week he'd been taken to the Sanitarium.  He was angry, so much that it was all he could do to not turn into his wolf form.  Instead, he just threw things around his room.  The staff did not very much appreciate him destroying his room. So they locked him up with silver chains and fed him wolfsbane for a week.  Needless to say, it was not a very enjoyable experience.  He was sure as hell not doing that again.  

Katerina stared at him for a few seconds" i can practically hear you thinking" she said, pushing off the wall. She walked towards him and put a hand on his cheek gently "but the question is, what are you thinking about?" she asked, looking into his eyes

James was suddenly very aware of how close Katerina was to him. For a moment he had the urge to pull her by the waist closer to him, but he resisted.  Deciding it was too early for that, he just looked carefully into her brown eyes.  He didn't want to get into his past yet.  That wasn't a story for just anyone. "I don't suppose it really matter now." 

Katerina nodded, and her hand lingered for a few seconds before she pulled it back "so tell me about yourself" she said with a small smile, walking to the side of the room and sitting down on the small, firm bed that was shoved up against the wall

James shrugged as he scratched the back of his neck.  "There's not really much to say.  My names James, I grew up in England.  Came to the states and worked on the streets for a while until they picked me up and took me here.  Nothing exciting.  Nothing wonderful."  He told her, his voice become a bit bleaker with every word. 

Katerina nodded slightly" I'm from England to" She informed him with a slight smile. she had no accent, because she has had hundreds of years to lose it"Except, of course, i'm from 14th century England" she laughed slightly, wondering how he would feel about that

Vienna smiled as she pushed her hair behind her ear.  She admitted to him, "It's good that someone has finally made me smile." Befriending Kit seemed like such amazing progress for her.  Had being there for eighteen months and hadn't made any friends was more than a little pathetic, Vienna thought.  Even though she was very excited to have a companion, the experience also scared her.  It was just another person that could eventually leave her. 

James' eyebrows perked up as he half-smiled over at the girl.  "14th century, huh?"  He asked, clearly amused.  Everything about Katerina seemed to surprised him and how that was at the same time so intriguing, it was also quite dangerous.  Casually, James leaned his shoulder against the wall, studying the cute brunette in front of him.  He was wondering just what secrets she had up her sleeve. 

hey just wondering, are you gunna put my characters up?

Katerina nodded with a faint smile" I look really good for my age dont i" she winked with a quiet laugh, and she glanced at him "trying to figure out my story?" she questioned in a teasing manner, but she would never actually tell him the whole truth, only pieces 


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