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It's very simple. Make a banner telling me who you are. Your interests, favorite songs, hobbies, whatever you want.




There are three formats/sizes.


Size one:

A small oblong rectangular banner, it should be simple but sum up something about you.

Ex: A 'trademark' look of mine is my bright red lipstick, and I love Lady Gaga. It says my name and nothing else to prevent over-complication or -busyness.




"okay... Here's a small rectangular banner, bearing one word utilizing a modified celtic font. I was going for something that suggested Disney or faeries, perhaps... something that reflects the huge amount of time I spend chauffeuring children to the zoos, parks and astronomy club meetings, and listening to old folks reminisce."


"Here's a small banner. I chose the word Imaginative because I always fantasize about faeries, dragons, elves, etc. I imagine small worlds opening up and just regular people finding the most amazing things. A lot of people say I don't have an imagination, only because I don't show this side of me. I'm already weird enough, I'm a teenager and have the mind of child. :)"


"Will this is me. On this site i am known as swimfreak! And well because I AM a swimfreak. I have been on varsity since 7th grade. Brittany is me because she's a dumb blonde like me. And my favorite animal is a unicorn :) Emma Watson in my role model. Is I could be anyone it would be her. She seems so stable and she's friends with daniel radcliffe ;) the glitter in the backround is because i love sparkles!!!!!"

Size two:

A medium-large square or rectangle banner. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You should use a quote from a song, book, poem, etc that you feel describes you and the pictures may be whatever you like.

Ex: The quote is pretty direct, it's from Phantom of the Opera, a favorite musical of mine. 





"Quote is from Selena Gomez's song 'Who says.' It relates to my life because I have never really fit in with everyone else. Even my friends think I'm different, but I could care less. People used to bully me a lot, but once they realized it didnt bother me, they eventually stopped. I like the fact that I'm different, and I dont care what people say about me; I'm happy just being myself."



About me...kind of

"Okeii well I wrote this poem when I was going threw alot. A guy wasn't really the problem, so I don't know why I wrote about one. Anyways, I wrote this poem to let all of my emotions out and to clear my head. I wasn't going to add it to this banner, but the thought of something someone once told me popped into my mind. "That's life." Sometimes people feel like hurting themselves or killing themselves is their only oppion, and I do have to admit I was one of those people. Maybe I still am sometimes, but I am trying to quit thankfully. I realized I wasn't only hurting me, but the people who cared about me. When they found out what I was doing."


"This is me because I love fairytails. I think that they are real and they will come true. the quote is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it's my all time favorite quote. The quote can mean so many things standing alone."


Hunter's Entry?? WOAH PUERTO RICO FLAG AND KPOP STARS SAY WHAT?! Its Hunter here. Me is a latina (Puerto-Rican Born) who lives up north in WA state. Hunter is obsessed with asia and asians... more bias towards that way i guess even though she's latin and lives in the us. Her highest influence is GD (in the middle) who's reall name is Kwon JiYoung, he is a rising star in the K-Pop industry, as he sings duet with T.O.P. (right.. with a k-actress for the calvin klien shoot <- spelled wrong his name oops, ... er back to the banner now), raps in his band BigBang (where his stage name "G-Dragon" comes from) and also models *and wants to design* for BeanPole. He also helps out the less fortunate and is a person whom Hunter admires very much. Wooyoung (left) also appears because he was Hunter's introduction to K-Pop along with the band he is in 2PM. The quote Hunter picked is from the song High High by GD and TOP. It doesn't make much sense in English but its mostly about how amazing one can feel =). Another reason Hunter chose to revolve her banner around K-Pop is the fact that she also dances (er with her friends) to the music videos of the bands and she enjoys it very much, the fact hat hunt dances illustrates her wonderful taste in sports (dance, softball, soccer and volleyball).


The biggest thing in my life, where I gain my inspiration from, is music. More importantly, a band called the Maine. So, this banner has music notes because of, well, the music. I used edgy, but fluid text, because it most represents my personality. I can be fiery at times, but at others I am the most compassionate.

I chose the song "We All Roll Along" because it's about living life to its fullest and never forgetting the past, and I like to think that that's how I live my life every day. 




Size three:

Miscellaneous. This can be whatever size you want, have any text you want, and otherwise look any way you want (I shouldn't have to point this out, but as long as it doesn't violate site rules)


Ex: Not really necessary.











"I have been called thoose names a million times, but to the people who call me them I say that I'm just me.

I'm that weird girl who dances around

The strange girl that laughs just to laugh

The emo girl who cries in a corner

And the goth girl who only wears black, white, and gray.

It's just who I am, and I'm not going to let anyone change me.

The heart hidden behind the word 'me' stands for the fact that I have had my heart broken but stitched it back up and moved on."



"I choose Size three. I couldnt pin down one word that describes myself and my life. The two people in front Are me(the girl) and the boy is the one person who can make me cry,smile,break,laugh,,etc!"


"I chose size three. I put the supernatural on my banner because I believe in the supernatural and also because that is my favorite thing in life. My life is so complicated I hide myself away and watch shows like the Vampire Diaries so I don't have to put up with the drama in my life."

"pen and paper, because i love to write fictional stories

"colored pencils, because i love to draw

"violin on sheet music, because i play the violin

"vampire teeth and lips, bcause vampires are my favorite supernatural creature"


There will be six winning banners. One from each category. One picked by me and one voted on by everyone.


My criteria:

  1. Color scheme. Does it have a color scheme throughout?
  2. Text readability. Can I read the text? This one is very simple, but apparently hard to master.
  3. Over all creativity. Does it look like a thousand other banners I've seen, or does it have your own signature, not just your watermark, on it?
  4. Look. Does it look good? A banner can be very creative, the text can be clear as day, and it can have a very good color scheme, but if it does not look good, I will not choose it. This is subjective, so please don't get offended if I simply happen to dislike your banner.
  5. Quote (if present). Does the quote you've selected apply well to life? I obviously don't know you, so I would appreciate an explanation of what the quote means to you.

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Yours is cool :)
Thankyou,Hehehehehe I was hesiate to put a real photo of me and my :( ex
I put a photo of me in mine. Why were you hesitant?
idk,I guess Brandon(the ex) Kinda tour up what i use to call my self-esstem
I see guys as a waste of time

They are! i hate  fellin like crap every mouring it sucks but i just say to my self

"It gets easier with each day" i just really loved him


Things get better with time
That another one I say,LoL Have you ever felt that way?
Yeah I have

Thnk god! Smetimes i feel like Im the only person going there it!! The really sucky part is he live across the street!!!!


Yeah that would make it worse
It does


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